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Save 20% on a range of Withings hybrid smartwatches and smart scales

When you join Vitality, you'll get 20% off Withings state-of-the-art smart devices, including:

  • ScanWatch Light and ScanWatch V2
  • Body Smart and Body Comp Smart Scales

Available to all Vitality members.

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ScanWatch V2 and ScanWatch Light

ScanWatch is hybrid smartwatch and is crafted to inspire and enlighten you. Plus, with 30 days of battery life before needing to be recharged, you can set off on a worry-free health journey that comes with round-the-clock health tracking.

  • Lightweight, stylish and built to last
  • Automatically tracks every move, or you can launch a workout session
  • Track your heart insights and cardiac coherence

Body Smart and Body Comp Smart Scales

Achieve your health and fitness goals with precise weight tracking and advanced body metrics, including heart rate insights.

  • Understand your overall health and let body metrics guide you
  • Track your hydration level and boost your metabolism
  • Find out how many calories you burn at rest

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the questions we’ve answered for our members

How do I buy a discounted device?

You can buy a discounted Withings device on the Withings Vitality store which you can access via our Member app.

How do I earn Vitality points using my Withings device?

You can earn Vitality points when you use your Withings device to track your steps. This will only work with activity tracking devices like the ScanWatch Light and ScanWatch V2. We can’t currently award points for heart rate monitoring.

How do I link my device to Vitality?

All of the eligible Withings devices come with everything you'll need to set up a Withings app account, which you can then link to Vitality through our Member app.

If you've linked an activity tracking device, like the ScanWatch Light or ScanWatch V2, you'll then be able to start earning points for tracking your steps.

We can't currently award points for heart rate monitoring.

Is there a limit to the number of Vitality points I can earn each day for tracking my activity?

Yes. You can earn a maximum of 8 Vitality activity points a day per member and a maximum of 40 Vitality activity points a week per member.

Important information

Withings is included on all VitalityHealth, Vitality at Work and VitalityLife plans.

You can purchase one discounted Withings activity tracker per adult member every 12 months. This in addition to one discounted Garmin or Polar device and one Fitbit device each plan year. Plus, a Samsung smartwatch every 12 months.

The discount is only available on devices bought from the Withings Vitality Store. And only applies to the ScanWatch Light and ScanWatch V2, and the Body, Body Comp and Body Smart smart scales.

The discount doesn’t apply to limited edition models or accessories.

The discount doesn’t apply to any other Withings wellness devices.

We only award Vitality activity points for steps tracked with Withings devices. We can’t currently award points for heart rate monitoring.

A charge for postage and packing will apply.

Only Vitality members are eligible for a discounted device. In no circumstances can they be sold or gifted to third parties. Please upload your device data regularly to make sure you get your Vitality points in time to earn Active Rewards if your plan is eligible.

Details correct as of April 2024. Terms and conditions apply at

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