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Knowing where to find information on care can be difficult, especially in a time of need and the costs can quickly escalate. That’s why we’ve teamed up with SuperCarers - to give you and your family* access to care advice and discounted care services.

SuperCarers is an online platform which helps you find the best care. By using technology, they simplify the process of matching you with local care providers in your area.

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SuperCarers benefit for Vitality members 

As a Vitality member, you have automatic access to SuperCarers expertise  - the comprehensive benefits for you and your family, at no additional cost. These services take you through the different stages of arranging care – from researching and choosing the right type of care, to finding a care provider. You’ll also receive a discount when you book ongoing care through SuperCarers.

What services do SuperCarers provide for Vitality members?

  • CareCoach
    Care experts will give you advice on a range of topics, including what support is available to you, what services are suited to your care needs and what products could help with your independence.
  • CareMatch
    SuperCarers use technology to match you to your most suitable care solution. These can include independent care workers, registered care providers or suitable care homes.
  • Care fee discount
    Initial 20% discount on ongoing care.

Why use SuperCarers?

Knowing where to start with care can be daunting. It can often seem like there’s not a lot of choice. Once you do find the right option, dealing with the practicalities and emotional aspects of caring for a loved one can take its toll.

This is why we’ve joined forces with SuperCarers, to help you find the right type of care delivered in a way that suits you. Supercarers provide a service that puts people first and tailors the support to an individual’s needs. They’re not just carers, they’re SuperCarers. 

Frequently asked questions

Founded in 2015, SuperCarers offers a unique proposition in the market that matches the care needs of families with local care providers who have been rated good or outstanding by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) at their last inspection, or care homes, in their local community. SuperCarers offers a whole of market solution and provides access to expert advice and match each person with a tailored care solution that is appropriate to their needs.

The services provided consist of two parts as follows:
  • CareCoach: a consultation service where members can book to speak with a care expert to discuss their care needs and receive guidance, support and signposting to appropriate services and products.
  • CareMatch: members will be matched with a choice of local care service providers to fulfil their care requirements. These providers will be rated good or outstanding by the CQC overall across their five key lines of enquiry.
In addition to Coach and CareMatch service above, SuperCarers will also provide a benefit of 20% discount for the first £1,000 of ongoing care. If members have an in-force Later Life Option, this benefit is increased to 20% discount for the first £3,000 of ongoing care. Ongoing care is defined as more than eight consecutive weeks.

Services rendered by SuperCarers are not long-term care products. Additionally, Vitality does not guarantee the availability or duration of SuperCarers’ service  or the benefit. 

All services and benefits are subject to the Terms and Conditions and can be found here.
SuperCarers’ CareCoach and CareMatch service and the benefit of 20% for the first £1,000 of ongoing care is available to all VitalityHealth (including Vitality Essentials, Vitality at Work, Vitality at Work Enterprise), VitalityLife and VitalityInvest members and their immediate family members irrespective of whether they are covered on the plan or not.

The increased benefit of 20% for the first £3,000 of ongoing care is available to all VitalityLife members, for their own care, who are covered under an in-force Later Life Option (ie: Dementia and FrailCare Cover or Dementia and FrailCare Cover Plus).

Immediate family members include:
  • children over the age of 16 (including adopted children);
  • spouse
  • civil partner
  • parents (including step parents)
  • grandparents
  • great-grandparents
SuperCarers’ CareCoach and CareMatch service will be provided at no cost to all Vitality members or their immediate family members, subject to the terms and conditions. There is no limit on the number of times the services can be used, although this will be subject to fair use.

The benefit can only be used once per recipient of ongoing care. Additionally, members will need to choose a provider registered with SuperCarers.

The maximum cumulative discount of the benefit is 20% for the first £3,000 of ongoing care.

Important Information

  • To be eligible for SuperCarers’ CareCoach and CareMatch service, the Benefit or the Increased Benefit, you must hold one or more of the following at the time of use:
     - Any in force VitalityHealth insurance product including Personal Healthcare Plan,  Business Healthcare Plan and Corporate Healthcare plan;
     - Any in force VitalityLife insurance product including VitalityLife Plan, VitalityLife Essential Plan, Vitality Mortgage Plan, Business Protection Plan and Relevant Life Plan; or
     - Any in force VitalityInvest product including Stocks and Shares ISA, Junior ISA and Retirement Plan.
  • The maximum, cumulative discount of the Benefit and the Increased Benefit is 20% for the first £3,000 of ongoing care, equivalent to a maximum discount of £600.
  • The Benefit or the Increased Benefit can only be used once per person for ongoing homecare needs and where more than one care recipient resides in the same home, once per household for ongoing care needs.
  • The Benefit and Increased Benefit shall be applied as follows: • Once eight consecutive weeks of ongoing homecare have been provided, the 20% discount will be applied to the customer’s next invoice • If a customer has not reached the : (i) £1,000 spend threshold for the Benefit; or (ii) £3,000 spend threshold for the Increased Benefit; when this invoice is issued the discount will be applied to subsequent invoices until the maximum discount is reached.
  • SuperCarers’ service, the Benefit and the Increased Benefit are non-transferable, non-exchangeable and there is no cash alternative. The Benefit and the Increased Benefit can only be redeemed for ongoing home care facilitated by SuperCarers.
  • SuperCarers’ service, the Benefit and the Increased Benefit are provided on an ‘as is’ basis and are dependent on the availability and capacity of SuperCarers and their partners. The service is subject to a “fair usage” policy.
  • Vitality is facilitator of the SuperCarers’ service, the Benefit and the Increased Benefit and is not the direct provider of the services. If you or your immediate dependents decide to exercise your right to use SuperCarers’ service, the Benefit or the Increased Benefit, you will form a contract directly with SuperCarers.
  • Vitality disclaims all liability for the services provided by SuperCarers and quality thereof and any other services and/or product offered by SuperCarers.
  • SuperCarers is responsible for all aspects of the Coach and CareMatch services. If you have any concerns or complaints about SuperCarers, the services, or SuperCarers’ other products and/or services, you should contact SuperCarers directly by calling 080 8196 0909.
  • The offer of SuperCarers’ service, the Benefit or the Increased Benefit is not to be interpreted as a recommendation by Vitality of the services, the Benefit, the Increased Benefit or SuperCarers’ other products and services. 

Details correct as of June 2021. Terms and conditions apply at

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