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Get in touch with us if you have a question about the Vitality Programme that isn’t covered in our support pages

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If you're having technical issues

We may need to take a look at what you’re seeing on your computer, iPhone or Android phone. To do this, we use a screen-sharing support tool called BeyondTrust Support, which is the number one solution for securely accessing and supporting any device or system.

You’ll be in complete control of what you allow us to see at all times and you can end the session whenever you want.

What to do before you call us about a technical problem:

  • When you speak with us, we’ll send you a BeyondTrust Support link via email. Once we’ve established a connection, we can work together and get to the bottom of things.

We’ll need you to do a couple of simple things to get ready for screen-sharing:

  • Enter your Settings, select Control Centre followed by Customise Controls;
  • Locate the Screen Recording option and make sure the + icon is next to it;
  • Open the App Store, search for BeyondTrust Support and download the app;
  • Open Bomgar, input the Site Address of and when we speak with you, we’ll give you a unique session key.
  • Once we request to share your screen you’ll need to press firmly on the screen recording button and change it to screen broadcast with Bomgar selected
  • Open the Play Store, search for BeyondTrust Support and download the app;
  • The “Site Address” you’ll need is and we’ll give you a unique session key when we speak with you.

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