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What is Prime?

It's an annual membership that lets you send, stream, shop, read and more:

  • Fast delivery on millions of items
  • Unlimited streaming of thousands of films and TV shows with Prime Video
  • Unlimited access to a growing selections of over 2 million songs with Prime Music
  • Early access to Lightning Deals on with Prime Early Access
  • Secure unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos
  • The ability to share the selected Prime benefits with other members of the household with Amazon Household
  • Unlimited reading on any device, including thousands of books, magazines and more with Prime Reading

Do it all at

You’ll need to pass a credit check and agree to a 12-month online consumer credit agreement (0% APR) with afforditNOW.

Who can get Prime membership as part of the Vitality Active Rewards?

To get Prime membership as part of Vitality Active Rewards, you need to have one of the following eligible plans:

  • VitalityHealth Personal Healthcare plan with a minimum monthly premium of £35.
  • VitalityHealth Business Healthcare plan.
  • VitalityHealth Corporate Healthcare plan or trust scheme administered by VitalityHealth with the Vitality Plus benefit.
  • VitalityLife plan with a minimum monthly premium of £30 for a single policy and £40 for a joint policy provided you add Wellness Optimiser or Vitality Optimiser at £4.50 per month. If you downgrade your VitalityLife plan to one of our Lite plans, all Vitality contributions will end from the day you downgrade.
  • VitalityInvest Retirement Plan in drawdown provided you add Vitality Plus to your plan for an additional fee of £4.50 per month.

The reward is limited to one Vitality member aged 18 or over per household.

How do I earn a contribution towards Prime?

Prime normally costs £79 for an annual membership. To pay less with Vitality, you need to earn 160 activity points a month to get next month’s membership on us.

What happens if I don’t reach 160 Vitality activity points in a month?

PayBreak will collect a payment of £7.90 on the 19th of the following month, and in subsequent months – up to a maximum of 10 instalments totalling £79.

What happens if I can’t undertake any activity?

You’ll pay £7.90 each month – up to a maximum of 10 instalments totalling £79.

Do activity points earned by all members on my plan count towards this reward?
No, only by the person who takes out the benefit.
How can I check my Vitality activity points towards my payments?

You can see a detailed breakdown of your Vitality activity points that count towards your Prime membership contributions on the Vitality Member app. You can view your overall Vitality points in Member Zone online.

Can another adult member on my plan apply for Prime membership as a Vitality Active Reward?

Yes. However, the reward is limited to one Vitality member aged 18 or over per household.

How does the Prime membership with Vitality Active Rewards benefit work?

When you apply, you’ll take out a 12-month interest-free credit agreement to the value of your Prime membership, with our finance partner, afforditNOW. If you pass a credit check, you’ll receive a unique Prime membership code in your Vitality Member Zone and your 14-day cooling-off period will begin. This cooling-off period is valid for both your Prime membership and your loan agreement.

Will I be able to use my unique Prime membership code straight away?

Yes, you can reveal and use your unique Prime membership code straight away, however, if you do, you’ll give up the right to your Prime 14-day, cooling-off period. Alternatively, you can wait 14 days to reveal and use your code.

How do I activate my Prime membership

To activate your Prime membership, go to the Amazon website and enter your unique Prime membership code.

What if I’m already a Prime member?

We recommend you turn off auto-renewal in your account, and apply for Prime membership through Vitality when your current membership is within 21 days of expiring. 

However, if you want to activate a Prime membership with Vitality now, your current Prime membership will simply extend by the length of your current membership, which could be up to 12 months.

How do I find out my existing Prime membership end date? How do I update my Prime account settings?
To update your Prime settings, log into your account.

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