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Frequently asked questions

Before joining Prime with Vitality

Prime normally costs £95 for an annual membership. To pay less with Vitality, you need to earn 160 activity points a month to get next month’s membership on us.

Managing your Prime with Vitality

You’ll find your unique Prime membership code on your dashboard in Member Zone.

Yes, you can reveal and use your unique Prime membership code straight away, however, if you do, you’ll give up the right to your Prime 14-day, cooling-off period. Alternatively, you can wait 14 days to reveal and use your code.

To activate your Prime membership, go to the Amazon website and enter your unique Prime membership code.

Log into your account and go to Your Account/Your Prime Membership. Your end date will be visible on the left hand side of the screen.

No, the reward is limited to one Vitality member aged 18 or over per household and it cannot be transferred to anyone else. So if your household has already opted into Prime Membership as part of their Vitality Active Rewards, you won’t be eligible for this reward.

To update your Prime settings, log into your account.


Once you’ve started earning Vitality activity points towards your Prime membership through Vitality reward, you can see a detailed breakdown of which points count towards your reward on the Vitality Member app. You can view your overall Vitality points in Member Zone online. 

You can view your Vitality points statement from the Vitality Member app by tapping on ‘My Weekly Activity’ and then ‘View Plan Points Statement’. 

In Member Zone online, simply log in and navigate to ‘Partners and rewards’, click on Amazon Prime and your progress so far will be shown in the right hand sidebar.

If you’ve checked your Vitality points statement and you believe there’s been an error, please send us a secure message in Member Zone and we’ll investigate for you.

To get in touch navigate to the 'My Points' page in Member Zone and select 'report missing points'. From here, you'll be able to use our Missing Points guide and get in touch if needed. 

Remember if you’re tracking multiple activities a day – for example both steps and heart rate workouts – the Vitality Member app will only reward activity points for the one daily activity with the highest points earned.

When you took out a credit agreement with etika Finance UK Ltd, you agreed to contribute £7.90 a month for a maximum of 10 months for your Prime membership. Vitality offers you the opportunity to earn Vitality activity points to reduce your contribution to £0 a month. The Vitality contribution therefore refers to the payment made towards your monthly Direct Debit with etika, which is earned from your Vitality activity points.

You can view the Vitality contribution to your payments in the ‘Partners and rewards’ section of Member Zone, or in the Prime membership benefit area of the Vitality Member app.

Let’s take an example:

The maximum monthly contribution for Prime membership with Vitality is £7.90.

If you’ve earned less than 160 Vitality activity points in the month, you’ll contribute £7.90 the following month. The Vitality contribution is therefore £0.

To reduce your monthly contribution to £0, the Vitality contribution would need to be £7.90 based on you earning 160 Vitality activity points in the month.

Your first Direct Debit payment will be taken on the 19th of the following month after your activity month, so if you didn’t earn 160 Vitality activity points in February, your Vitality contribution is £7.90 and your Direct Debit from etika will be £7.90 on the 19th March.

If you cancel your plan or leave your company scheme, your credit agreement will continue with etika Finance UK Ltd. As you won’t be earning Vitality activity points, your monthly Direct Debit payments will switch to the maximum contribution of £7.90 per month for the remaining period of your credit agreement.

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