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Delivering product innovation through user research and experimentation. 

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Who we are

We’re a research unit dedicated to developing the science of behaviour change. To do this, we conduct real-world experiments that test the latest technologies, health solutions, and behavioural frameworks in order to develop products that support businesses, individuals, and society. This ensures that what we do is consistent with our Shared Value business model.

Our most recent research

How shifts in remote behavior affect employee well being / Vitality

In collaboration with Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

How shifts in remote behaviour affect employee wellbeing

Adapting remote work policies to address employee specific work-life situations can result in increased wellbeing and productivity.

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Woman eating healthy lunch

In collaboration with Stanford University

Employee-sponsored health and wellbeing programmes can improve employee health

Study highlights limited awareness and use of these interventions, particularly among higher-risk employees, presenting opportunities for employers and policymakers.

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parkerun Volunteer of the Month Group

In collaboration with Stanford University

Volunteering improves employee health and organisational outcomes  

Volunteering enables bonding with co-workers and enhanced identification with employers.

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Lifespan, healthspan, and the healthspan gap

Vitality Research Institute

Physical activity and diet are key to maximising the number of years lived in good health 

Life expectancy has increased over the last century, although not all those extra years are lived in good health. Here we address the growing gap between length and quality of life.

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Vitality Research Institute

Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch increased and sustained levels of activity

The benefit produced a 34% increase in physical activity levels of Vitality members, sustained over a 6-month follow up period.

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Explore more of our research

  1. Our research
  • Physical activity study

    We carried out this study out with RAND Europe and researchers from the University of Birmingham. It looks at how an increase in physical activity can benefit the global economy.
  • Workplace health design study

    This article looks at how companies’ wellbeing strategies affect employee health and wellbeing. We carried out the study in collaboration with University of East Anglia researchers.
  • Productivity study

    A publication with researchers at the University of Cambridge and RAND that determines how health, job, and organisational factors impact employee productivity.
  • Social context study

    This study, conducted in collaboration with University of East Anglia researchers, examined the relationship between workplace wellbeing programs and co-worker relationships.
  • Vitality Active Rewards study

    This published study assesses the impact of Vitality's Active Rewards programme on the physical activity levels of Vitality members.
  • Healthy Hybrid working

    Businesses recognise the benefits of a healthier workforce but employee expectations for more tailored health and wellbeing support are increasing. We worked with CBI Economics to better understand the perspective of c-suite execs on their experience of hybrid working and gathered insights on expectations of workers across the UK.

Working with academics from

  • RAND Europe
  • Stanford Business
  • Stanford Medicine
  • UCLA Anderson Management
  • University of Cambridge
  • University of East Anglia

Publishing our work in

  • BJM
  • BMJ
  • JOEM
  • MIT Sloan
  • RAND Europe
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