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Corporate Healthcare & Trusts

  • Get comprehensive private healthcare for your employees
  • Build healthy, resilient teams
  • Enjoy fantastic benefits and rewards

Attract top talent with our award-winning cover

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Healthcare that goes beyond hospital treatment

Get award-winning private medical insurance (PMI) for your employees. Plus tools and resources to help keep your business healthy.

Vitality corporate health insurance uses claims-rated pricing. And it's perfect for large businesses who want to cover 100+ employees. You get:

  • Award-winning cover - that you can tailor to suit your business needs.
  • Improved employee health and wellbeing. Help prevent future healthcare costs and improve productivity.
  • Digital tools for managing your plan. You can easily update member details. Employees can request care, make claims and book consultants - all digitally.

If you want an alternative to corporate health insurance, consider a Healthcare Trust. Instead of paying premiums for insurance, we place your money into a trust fund.

Vitality keeps you covered

Create a Corporate health insurance plan - that works best for your people and your business.

Everyday healthcare

Like GP check-ups, direct access to mental health care, physio and menopause support.

Reduced premiums

When your employees get healthy, your claims costs and premiums are lower1

Cover for serious conditions

Including cutting edge treatments and leading specialists.

Insights and ongoing support

Your whole workforce can take part in webinars and expert-led workshops.

Vitality Programme

Rewards for your employees when they get active. So they can stay healthy and productive.

1 When your employees get healthy, this can reduce healthcare costs - which can result in lower premiums. Vitality Health Claims Insight report 2022

Take a closer look at your benefits

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Pioneering mental health support

We cover all members - no matter what their medical history or previous underwriting. Your employees can:

  • Manage their mental wellbeing - with Headspace.
  • Access talking therapies - cognitive behavioural therapy and counselling.
  • Get 24/7 online support - from Togetherall.
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Expert insights for your business

Build a healthy and successful workplace. Use our tools and expert insights to guide you. With Vitality Corporate Healthcare, you get:

  • Workplace health insights. Based on your employees' health data. So you can build an effective health and wellbeing strategy.
  • A dedicated client manager. To help you access our services and build an effective health strategy.
  • 10x higher engagement – than similar plans with digital wellbeing apps (Britain’s Healthiest Workplace findings).
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Positive, lasting change

We encourage your employees to get healthy and reward them when they do. Because we know it helps them to make lasting lifestyle improvements.

Here's how it helps your business:

Reduced sick days
Businesses reported 28% less staff absenteeism due to sickness1

Higher job satisfaction
Employees reported 150% more job satisfaction when they used Vitality rewards2

Lower healthcare costs
Up to 46% lower healthcare costs for our active members2

1 Vitality People Study, 2018
2 Vitality Health Claims Insights report, 2022

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Advanced cancer cover

Your employees have peace of mind knowing that they have care and support - should they be diagnosed with cancer:

  • A dedicated cancer care team. That's case managed every step of the way.
  • Full cover for treatment. Specialist treatment, including therapies and surgeries.
  • A relaxing Champneys retreat - to help them through treatment and recovery.
  • Health and wellbeing support. Including nutritional and financial advice.

Want to get cover with Vitality?

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More health and wellbeing solutions

See how our other large business solutions can support your employees - and your business.

Healthcare Trust

For 300+ employees

A Healthcare Trust is a great alternative to Corporate Healthcare. Instead of paying premiums for insurance, we place your money into a trust fund.

You can use this fund to pay for your employees' private medical claims.

Consider a Healthcare Trust if you want:

  • An HMRC-approved alternative to insurance. Enjoy all the same benefits without paying a premium.
  • To cover a large number of employees. You could benefit from low contribution costs if you have a stable claims experience.
  • More flexibility with your cover. You can fix the healthcare benefits a Trust will pay for - each year.

Vitality at Work Enterprise

Employee wellbeing programme for 1,000+ employees*

Help your employees get the wellbeing and support they need. And enjoy Vitality rewards like discounts on Fitbit, Garmin and Headspace.

Get our Vitality at Work solution for as little as £2 per person, per month (VAT excluded). You get:

  • 24/7 health and wellbeing support - like mental health support and counselling.
  • Business insights and tools - to help you build a healthier, more engaged workforce.
  • Access to our leading wellness programme - that rewards your employees3 when they get healthy.

*This is not an insurance plan. It's for businesses who want to cover 1,000+ employees – and who are not already covered by our Corporate Healthcare plan.

3 Vitality at Work plan holders can only access selected Vitality Programme benefits