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Business Protection

Shareholder or Partnership Cover

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Lessen the loss of a shareholder or partner

If a business owner dies or suffers a terminal illness, their share of the business usually passes to their beneficiaries. To regain control of that share, surviving business owners may need to buy that individual’s part of the business. Many business don’t have the money to do this and it can be costly to borrow.

How does Shareholder and Partnership Protection help?
We’ll pay a lump sum if a business owner dies or suffers a terminal illness. This provides the capital to enable the surviving business owners to buy that individual’s share of the business – allowing them to keep control.

Who it's for

  • If your company is not exclusively family-owned

    this cover option can provide you the necessary money to buy back your partner’s shares from their beneficiaries and retain control over the business.

  • Works equally well for partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships or limited companies. 

The Vitality Programme

Everyone gets access to our Vitality Programme, which encourages you and your employees to take steps towards a healthier future - and rewards you with real financial benefits. It means you and your employees can get something back for your premiums, without even having to claim.

Your Business Protection options

  • Business Protection Life Cover

    Safeguard the people who matter most to your success

  • Relevant Life Cover

    Give your best employees an extra incentive to stay

  • Key Person Cover

    Reduce the financial impact if you lose an employee to illness, disability or death

  • Loan Protection

    Protect your company’s financial stability in times of uncertainty

Relevant life plan

A Relevant Life Plan benefits your employee, by making them feel more valued. But it also benefits your business as a whole, as they’re likely to be more engaged, take less time off sick and be more productive.


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