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Premium Wellness Day

Impactful and educational health event

Vitality clinicians will conduct biometric health screenings in the office. You can also book this as a virtual event. You can then tailor your Premium Wellness Day with a workshop. Vibrant team members will deliver the workshop. You can choose the workshop suited to a particular area of health and wellbeing.

At least three Vitality clinician will attend your office premises to conduct biometric health assessments for member employees. You can also choose a virtual Premium Wellness Day. Please contact our team if you would like to hold the event for a larger number of people than that. This can be for up to 75 people. Your staff can have an informal discussion with the clinician about their results. The tests will take at most 20 minutes per employee.

Employees will get the chance to win prizes, like activity trackers. They’ll also receive their results on a health card and your business will be given a report. This will help you manage them through your health roadmap. Our team will also suggest next steps.

What do we measure?

  • Blood pressure

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  • Body Mass Index (BMI)

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  • Glucose

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  • Cholesterol

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  • Cardiovascular fitness

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  • A non-smoker's declaration

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Workshop for healthy living

Your member employees will have the option of attending an hour-long workshop. This aims at improving their health to help them along on their health journey. Choose from one of the following workshops available:
  • Posture principles
  • Healthy home workouts
  • What the body needs
  • Positive wellbeing strategies in the workplace
  • Understanding mental wellbeing
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