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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Frequently asked questions

This information was updated on Friday 03 April at 8:55am and is correct as of that date.
Vitality is operating normal service hours and you can contact us in the usual ways via phone or email. We additionally have robust business continuity plans in place if the situation changes.


Vitality have been informed that as of Wednesday 1st April, the company who process all of our paper mail is unfortunately closing as a result of COVID-19. Consequently, Vitality will no longer be receiving any incoming post until further notice

Consultants and Therapists:
 For some years Vitality's Terms of Recognition states that providers must submit electronic bills, but we have operated some flexibility on this point. Effective immediately we will regrettably need to withdraw this flexibility and will only be considering and processing invoices submitted via electronic billing. Invoices sent via any other route will be treated as invoices which were not sent, rather than invoices which were not received.
If you not have yet registered for Healthcode, please do so by clicking HERE

Hospitals or Facilities: If your usual method of submission is post, please make contact with us at for advice.


As the situation with COVID-19 escalates Vitality is aware that many Healthcare clinicians may be taking precautions and preparing to offer remote consultations. We are very supportive of offering this to our members where this can materially help advance their care. We have set up a clearly defined process and policy to review remote consultation applications.  

We have outlined below the circumstances under which remote consultations would temporarily be reimbursed for our members.

*These terms apply until the 30th June or until we provide you with 7 days notice.

Remote consultations for Consultants:

Initial Consultations:

 For members where there is seen to be a genuine clinical need to rapidly progress their care, consultants may charge for the initial remote consultation undertaken in a telehealth environment (whether telephonic or ideally via video). Consultant can bill their currently agreed consultation fee up to a maximum of £160. This should be charged using the codes in the table below. We acknowledge at this time many of these consultations will be less than 16 minutes.

CCSD  20360  Remote Consultation - 16-29 minutes
 ISC  SP000166  Remote Consultation (Telephone/Video Conf) - 16-29 mins

Follow-up Consultations:
 For members where there is a genuine clinical need to rapidly have a follow-up consultation to progress a member's care, consultants can bill their currently agreed consultation fee up to a maximum of £120. This should be charged using codes in the table below.
CCSD  20350  Remote Consultation - up to 15 minutes
 ISC  SP000165  Remote Consultation (Telephone/Video Conf) - under 15 minutes

*Please can you send us the details of the hospitals or clinics that you currently work at to We will then be able to tell you whether one of your Hospital Business Manager's has already been authorised to take you through our 'Remote Consultation Policy'

Remote consultations for Non-Network Physiotherapists:

Initial & Follow-up Consultations: Where there is a clinical need to rapidly provide a remote physiotherapy consultation to progress a member's care, we are allowing physiotherapists to bill your currently agreed consultation fee up to a maximum of £35 per session, once a week. Members will still need to get authorisation for their sessions as per their policy, and these remote appointments will come out of the member's outpatient allowance just as they would for face-to-face appointments. Please use the following codes to bill for these sessions: PH000146 (Physiotherapy Initial Remote Consultation) and PH000145 (Physiotherapy Follow-Up Remote Consultation)

If you need any further assistance, or have any further questions, please contact:

Remote consultations for any other specialism:

At this time, we are not offering remote consultations for any other specialisms other than for Consultants and Physiotherapists.