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Frequently Asked Questions

by our providers

Frequently asked questions by our providers

VitalityHealth only accepts invoices electronically through Healthcode within 3 months of the treatment date. If you haven't already registered with Healthcode, please do so here.
In order to change the details we hold for you here at Vitality, you must complete our online Change your details form. 
To change your BACS details, please download the form HERE, complete via hand and email back to us at
Yes, we prefer to send our providers their statements via email. 
If you have not provided us with an email address already, please use the change your details form to update us.
Please refer to our Fee finder
Please follow this link to register your group or therapy clinic. Before you do this, don't forget to check out our Terms Of Recognition  
We do not fund the cost of assistants.
Any surgical procedures requiring two consultant surgeons should be put in writing (Prior to surgery) with clinical evidence for the need for two surgeons, clinical guidelines from a UK professional body or entity along with their specialty and fee request to: for consideration of eligibility and fee discussion
Please follow the below link that relates to you...
All our policy numbers are  8 digits long. 
If you have been provided with a number that is 10 digits long and starting with '12', this will be the membership number and will not be accepted when submitting your invoices on Healthcode.
There may be a number of reasons why your invoice is not submitting through Healthcode. An error message will usually display indications where the error is occurring. 
The error message  "Patient demographics do not match" indicates that you have provided the system with information that does not match our member database. We can check the details for your if you either email with the details you hold or call 0800 092 9400.

For any other reason please contact Healthcode directly on 01784 263 150, as they are best placed to help.
For any assistance with the Healthcode system, please contact them directly on 01784 263 150
Our provider support helpline number is 0800 092 9400

The following rules apply:

  • Where the same operator carries out two procedures during the same operating session, we’ll pay up to 25% over and above the maximum for the most complex procedure;
  • Where the same operator carries out three or more procedures during the same operating session, we’ll pay up to 40% over and above the maximum for the most complex procedure;
  • We will only consider payment for more than three procedures in exceptional circumstances;
  • We will only pay the fee of the primary consultant in cases where one consultant assists another;
  • Where an operator carries out two different procedures on the same day but not in the same operating session, we’ll pay up to 100% of the eligible maximum for both procedures;
  • We won’t consider paying for unbundled procedures in any circumstances.


Bilateral procedures:

The CCSD has specific codes for procedures that are commonly or invariably performed bilaterally. We will pay up to the fee maximum if there is a code for bilateral procedure (e.g. bilateral mastectomy), for that code only. When there is no bilateral procedure code and only where the procedure in question is not often typically, or always undertaken bilaterally, we will pay up to an additional 50% of the fee for the unilateral procedure. Where the same code is charged for twice or more in one invoice, we will only pay for one code.

Our process time is normally 10-14 working days. Invoices submitted electronically are usually processed and paid much more efficiently than those submitted by other means.
To request a fee uplift you must email with the clinical reason for fee up lift, explaining the complexity and any co-morbidities.
Vitality does not issue providers numbers, if you are a GMC registered specialist please use your GMC number.
If you are a therapist please use your name and address.
We expect any  manipulation therapy to be around 30 minutes and talking therapies around 50 minutes. On your registration form, you must stipulate the length of your sessions and what you charge.

Send us an email

Email is the best way to reach us - no hold times, and you'll typically have your queries answered within 48 hours.
Our dedicated provider support email is

Contact us

For all Healthcare Providers enquires, please give us a call

 0800 092 9400

Monday-Friday: 9am – 5pm