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Why participate?

While some employers are investing in workplace wellness, they face significant challenges in altering the lifestyle choices made by their employees, and improving their health and productivity as a result.

Britain’s Healthiest Workplace aims to help your organisation:

  1. Understand the health and wellbeing profile of your employees across a number of dimensions, such as lifestyle behaviours, clinical indicators, mental wellbeing, and workplace stress.
  2. Establish attitudes to health, and motivation to change, amongst your employees.
  3. Understand the extent to which your existing wellness facilities are being used, and their overall effectiveness in improving employee health.
  4. Provide benchmarking against other participating organisations.
  5. Establish best practice solutions to inform future HR strategies.

Britain’s Healthiest Workplace is available to all employers with 20 or more employees, and participation is free.

Participating employers will receive an Organisational Health Report giving unique insights into the health profile of the organisation and its employees, while each participating employee will receive a Personal Health Report in real-time, which includes their Vitality Age.

Once registered, we'll send you regular updates and emails to let you know what you need to do, and when you'll need to do it by. We'll also provide you with marketing and promotional material to help you promote the initiative to your employees.


Want to know what it's all about. Download our pack on why you should participate in.

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The process

  • Building

    Organisational Health Assessment

    A 20-30 minute online assessment completed by a representative from your organisation.

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    Employee Health Assessment

    A 15 minute online assessment that is completed on a voluntary basis by your employees. Participants immediately receive a report outlining their Vitality Age, key lifestyle and health risks, and suggestions for improvement.

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    Organisational Health Report

    A comprehensive report outlining the health of your organisation and employees, providing benchmarking information, and offering practical suggestions to support employee health and productivity improvement.

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    Expert Consultation

    Where available, you can discuss your results and identify future strategies with a workplace wellness expert.


The deadline for registration is 14 June 2019, with surveys being completed between 4 March and the 28 June. An exclusive awards event will be held in London, aligned to the release of the winners’ names and editorial content in an exclusive magazine published in the Financial Times.

Once your organisation has registered to take part in Britain’s Healthiest Workplace, you’ll receive full details of the process as well as links to the questionnaires and the supporting communications to help engage your employees.

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