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Business Protection

Life Cover

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Protect your business from unexpected shocks

Protect your business from unexpected shocks Business Protection Life Cover pays out a sum of money if an insured shareholder, business partner or Key Person in your business dies or is diagnosed with a terminal illness that has a life expectancy of less than 12 months.

How does Life Cover help?
By providing a lump sum cash payment to your company, Business Protection Life Cover helps maintain a degree of financial stability in the event of something unexpected happening to a key member of your organisation.

What you get

  • Immediate cover from the day you apply

    For no extra cost, your business is protected even while we’re assessing your application.

  • Variable cover amounts for maximum flexibility

    Choose to be protected on a level, indexing or decreasing basis.

  • Guaranteed insurability 

    Lets you increase cover when certain events happen – such as a change in value of a key person or an increase in a partner’s stake - without undergoing new underwriting (having to give us extra information about the health of the person).

  • HIV Cover

    We're the first mainstream insurance company to provide Life Cover for people with HIV.

Business Life Cover

Key facts

  • Minimum time period of insurance - one year
  • Maximum time period of insurance for reviewable premiums (variable price) - 60 years
  • Maximum time period of insurance for guaranteed premiums (fixed price) - 50 years
  • Minimum amount of insurance - £10,000 (subject to minimum premium payment)
  • Maximum amount of insurance - £18,000,000
  • Minimum entry age –17 on next birthday
  • Maximum entry age – 85 on next birthday
  • Maximum expiry age - age 90 exactly
  • Option to select cover to a specific expiry age

Relevant life plan

A Relevant Life Plan benefits your employee, by making them feel more valued. But it also benefits your business as a whole, as they’re likely to be more engaged, take less time off sick and be more productive.

Your Business Protection options

  • Relevant Life Cover

    Give your best employees an extra incentive to stay

  • Key Person Cover

    Reduce the financial impact if you lose an employee to illness, disability or death

  • Shareholder or Partnership Protection

    Keep your business stable in the event of illness or death

  • Loan Protection

    Protect your company’s financial stability in times of uncertainty


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