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Loan Protection

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Protect your company’s financial stability in times of uncertainty

If a business owner dies or suffers a terminal illness, lenders may have the right to demand that any outstanding loans are paid back. These could be difficult to pay off at short notice.

How does Business Loan Protection help?
In the event you lose a business partner, you may want or need to repay outstanding business loans, some of which may have personal guarantees or have to be repaid when someone dies. Our Business Loan Protection provides complete peace of mind, because it provides a lump sum to cover your business loans.

What you get

  • Guaranteed insurability 

    Lets you increase cover in line with an increasing loan. If you choose this option your premium will increase depending on the amount of additional cover applied for. Maximum increases will apply.

  • Support when you need it

    If a business owner dies or becomes seriously ill, we provide a lump sum to cover your business loans and other credit facilities.

The Vitality Programme

Everyone gets access to our Vitality Programme, which encourages you and your employees to take steps towards a healthier future - and rewards you with real financial benefits. It means you and your employees can get something back for your premiums, without even having to claim.

Your Business Protection options

  • Business Protection Life Cover

    Safeguard the people who matter most to your success

  • Relevant Life Cover

    Give your best employees an extra incentive to stay

  • Key Person Cover

    Reduce the financial impact if you lose an employee to illness, disability or death

  • Shareholder or Partnership Protection

    Keep your business stable in the event of serious illness or death

Relevant life plan

A Relevant Life Plan benefits your employee, by making them feel more valued. But it also benefits your business as a whole, as they’re likely to be more engaged, take less time off sick and be more productive.


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