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Workplace wellbeing toolkit

Supporting employee health and wellbeing is more important than ever. Three quarters of UK employers plan to improve their mental health services as a result of the pandemic (Willis Towers Watson, April 2021). But knowing where to start isn't easy. Here are some useful tools and resources to help your organisation on its way.

Resources to help you improve the wellbeing of your employees

  • Mastering Wellbeing at Work Guide

    This guide explains how to apply an effective long-term workplace wellbeing strategy.

  • Mastering Wellbeing at Work Course

    Evidence-based learning that focuses on actions and results. Includes practical ‘how to’ guides and tools.

  • Measuring Return On Investment

    Find out which wellbeing initiatives are most likely to improve your business outcomes.

  • Adapting to ‘Healthy Hybrid’ Working

     Based on extensive research, this report gives you 10 steps to creating a 'healthy hybrid’ culture.

  • Britain's Healthiest Workplace survey findings

    Depression is on the rise and productivity is falling at businesses across the UK. Read more in the report findings.

  • Health and wellbeing at Novo Nordisk

    Find out how Vitality has supported Novo Nordisk to improve the
    health and wellbeing of their employees.