How to start a healthy habit (and keep it)


Maggie Alphonsi quizzes Lizzie Simmonds and Dr Katie Tryon on how we can hack ourselves to better health


At the best of times, making healthy choices is not easy. And when it comes to forming new habits, keeping them in place is even harder.

Why is this you ask? According to behavioural economics, it’s quite simple. 

As human beings, we’re often more drawn to instant gratification and we tend to be over-optimistic when it comes to what we want to achieve. That’s why it’s always best to start small and think about what’s sustainable over the long-term.

In this video, Maggie Alphonsi, former rugby union player and pundit and Director of the Vitality Performance Champions, speaks to former Olympian Lizzie Simmonds and Vitality’s Dr Katie Tryon about how to define a healthy habit, why having a goal is so important and what can be done to help us stand the best chance of success. Watch the video below.

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