How is Tracey Neville getting on with her new year habits?


It’s been almost a month since Vitality Ambassador, Tracey Neville, set herself the goal of starting some new healthy habits at the beginning of 2024, so Vitality Magazine’s Olivia Matsell checked in to see how she’s getting on


By February, 80% of new year’s resolutions are forgotten, with only 9% of people sticking to them all year long, we wanted to hear how Vitality Ambassador, Tracey Neville, is getting on with the good intentions she set herself at the beginning of the year.

With dedicating ‘30 minutes of me-time’ every day, spending more time with her family and meal-prepping topping her list, we jumped on the phone with her after a full day of training with her team, Melbourne Mavericks, to hear more.

Have you stuck to your resolutions so far?

You’ll be pleased to know I have. I’ve started Pilates, been going for walks with my family and I booked onto classes at a local CrossFit gym.

It’s been great doing a variety of exercise as a part of my 30 minutes of ‘me time’. Undoubtedly, it’s harder when my little boy is around, but I stuck to going for walks with him, which was a lovely way to spend some quality time. I have also stuck to the meal-prepping so far.

What have you learned from the challenges so far?

Committing to the 30 minutes a day has taught me to not put so much pressure on myself, because beforehand it was a ‘must’ rather than ‘I can’. I don’t feel that pressure now and I am enjoying taking that time for myself and some movement.

Initially, my perception around meal-prepping is this vision of cooking all day on a Sunday. But that’s not really the case, I tend to make extra portions in the meals I’m cooking in the evening, and it works perfectly.

A big part of forming new habits and taking on new year’s resolutions is getting to a point where they feel normal. I’ve got to a point now where the decision to begin these resolutions is now a part of my lifestyle.

Have you experienced any hurdles?

When I was in the UK for the festive period, I worked on the Australian time zone. However, I’m one of those people that prefer to exercise in the morning, which doesn’t lend itself well to morning calls at four or five in the morning. Sometimes that was a real struggle.

Has anything been easier than expected?

“Even though it wasn’t my preferred time to exercise, I really enjoyed getting active in the evenings. I found it nice to have time afterwards to stretch and chill out.

“Did I miss a couple of days? Yes, but I didn’t punish myself for it. Finding a happy medium where you feel good in what you are doing is so important. Adopting this mindset has been helpful in sticking my healthy habits and will continue to do so throughout the year.”

What has helped you stick to your resolutions?

Booking into classes and doing more activities with family or friends has really helped me commit to a new challenge. It keeps me accountable, pushes my resilience when someone else is involved – great for a bit of laughter too!

I’ve also tried to remind myself that I don’t have to go so hardcore from the get-go. Today I went for a walk around the park, which is fine too.

Do you have tips to sticking to a new habit?

I’ve taken back some of my ‘athlete’ lifestyle. As a coach, I plan everyone’s calendar, but not always my own. So, I’ve started planning my week ahead on the Saturday or Sunday before.

Looking at my schedule, I figure out when the best times are for me to book at least three classes a week, go for a walk or do something at home. That way there’s a good structure in place for the week.

In between these plans I set aside downtime two nights a week. This reminds me to switch off or spend it with friends and avoid working evenings.

Will you continue to practice your new year resolutions?

I will definitely be carrying on with these new habits. Getting more active has made me feel healthier, both physically and mentally. I need it in my life.

My meal-prepping has also set off a domino effect in the office with more people bringing in their own lunch. It has created a community where we eat together rather than going to the café or elsewhere to get food on our own. Plus, we all look forward to seeing what we’ve rustled up.

What is your goal with adopting these habits?

The reason for these new year resolutions is to adopt a healthier lifestyle. It is so easy when you work long hours to just snack on-the-go. So, building a better relationship with food and a routine is better for my health. I still enjoy a snack in my day but opt for healthier alternatives.

My new exercise routine and setting aside the 30 minutes a few times a week really helps with my mood and energy, so I want to keep that up now that I’m heading into the netball season.

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