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Find what moves you

Vitality want to help you get active

At Vitality, we’re all about inspiring movement in people’s lives. That’s why we’re encouraging you to find an activity and community you love, and do more of what feels good, and less of what doesn’t.

Try all the sports. Why not give football, Netball and cricket and go. And if team sports aren’t your thing, what about parkrun or just a dog walk.

Either way, Vitality want to help you find what moves you. Take a look below and see how you can get more active.


5 Reasons why women should give football a go

We ask the Vitality experts to explain why football is the ideal sport for women to get a kick out of.

Benefits of football

Live Brave Founder Louise Buttler on why Pilates has something for everyone

Spurred on by the positive impacts she saw Pilates have on other people’s lives, she is on a mission to help more people become happier and healthier.

Benefits of Pilates