LIVE BRAVE founder Louise Buttler on why Pilates has something for everyone


Spurred on by the positive impacts she saw Pilates have on her mum’s life, Louise Buttler is bringing its benefits to more people with her brand LIVE BRAVE

Louise Buttler pilates live brave wellness platform

Louise Buttler never expected that she would be a Pilates instructor.

Her journey into fitness took her by surprise after her mum’s breast cancer diagnosis, where she saw first-hand the physical and mental benefits Pilates- was having on her.

Now, she wants to spread this positivity far and wide with her fitness brand LIVE BRAVE.

In this quickfire Q&A with Vitality Magazine she talks about her new platform and why Pilates has something for everyone.

What was your journey into Pilates?

I have been an instructor for over 6 years now.

My journey into Pilates came following my mum’s very sad breast cancer diagnosis.

At the time, I was working in a corporate job, and although I had done Pilates before, I really noticed it properly as my mum was doing it regularly as part of her surgery rehab.

What was so amazing to me was the meaning and impact it had on her mental and physical wellbeing and recovery. I began to join her for her rehab sessions, and I experienced the power of Pilates myself.

From that point, my ultimate goal was to learn about Pilates, and become an instructor so that I could support people to feel better about themselves.

Why is Pilates such a good form of exercise?

I completely agree that Pilates is having a moment, and I love it!

You see lots of athletes and celebs doing it all over the world, Harry Styles was even spotted recently… I think the benefits are endless and what I find so powerful, is how you can see the obvious results so quickly.

Whether that be toning, lengthening and elongation of muscles, better posture, or improved energy levels, there is something that everyone will feel.

I also think there is so much stress that people experience and everyone has busy lives, so creating moments of calm can really have a positive impact.

I also really believe that Pilates is incredible for injury prevention, so no matter your aims, it will benefit everyone in different ways.

What are the key features of your platform?

Our platform is the ultimate wellness hub. We have over 600 Pilates videos for all abilities.

There is pre and post-natal specific content, workouts for athletes, specific exercises for runners, as well as a calendar programme to provide a personalised journey and help you create a sustainable daily routine.

We also offer yoga and HIIT style workouts.

You can access anytime, anywhere, on any device. No matter how much time or equipment you have, we can support you. We also have written educational and lifestyle content, as well as nutritional advice and recipes.

Why did you decide to launch the platform?

I think one of my key strengths as a teacher is the way I deliver my classes.

My aim has always been to communicate so clearly, that people can follow along and know exactly what to do, even with their eyes closed.

I quickly realised that I had an opportunity to reach more people whilst still providing a sense that they were working out with me in person, it really is the best of both worlds… let’s be honest, who also doesn’t enjoy working out in their PJs.

How do LIVE BRAVE’s values align with Vitality?

I have always felt very connected with Vitality as my husband Jos (England Cricket Captain) has been an ambassador for a number of years.

Jos and I have not only felt a part of the Vitality family, but we also feel that we live the Vitality values in our personal lives.

It was an honour for me to initially be asked to deliver Pilates to Vitality employees, and it is now so amazing for me to have the opportunity to reach all members and support their overall wellbeing.

I am so passionate about helping people to lead happier and healthier lives and create positive lifestyle change, so if you ask me, LIVE BRAVE and Vitality couldn’t be a better partnership.

What does the future hold for LIVE BRAVE?

I think the answer to this question comes back to my aim when starting LIVE BRAVE. I want to support as may people as I possible can across the world.

I want to share my passion, and I want others to experience the same positive and mental health benefits that I have.

I truly believe Pilates can be a key pillar in improving your life, no matter where or who you are.

Through gentle guided daily sessions, Pilates has the power to reduce back pain, prevent injuries and help manage chronic pain, along with a host of other benefits.

Vitality members with qualifying health insurance and life insurance plans, including Vitality Essentials and Vitality at Work plans, can get a twelve-month LIVE BRAVE subscription at no cost, if they do no currently have an active subscription. Terms & conditions apply.

Activate your account and start your Pilates journey here.


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