A new hybrid era: 4 ways to make your workout work for you


As we see more people embracing new ways of working out, what’s next for physical activity? And how do we make sure it's working for us?


Times are definitely changing. And this is being reflected in the way people are prioritising their health and fitness as new, more innovative ways to stay active take centre stage.

The pandemic meant that many of us had to turn our living rooms into a gym; something we are continuing to see with digital fitness becoming an integrated part of our weekly routines.

People have supercharged the way they work out at home. Wearable technology, streaming platforms and fitness apps have catapulted into what is now a $96.7 billion (£79.8 billion) global fitness industry. We're seeing this reflected within Vitality member data too*.

While significant numbers are returning to gyms, levels remain lower than pre-Covid by almost a quarter (compared to around half during May 2021).

But that's not to suggest physical activity levels are down.

The data shows workouts recorded on a fitness device are 23% above the levels they were at before Covid, which saw them go as high as 86% over that level at the peak of the pandemic at time when people were forced to work out purely from home.

What this suggests is that people are still keeping active, we are just doing it differently these days in comparison to how life was like before the pandemic.

Outdoor exercise and cardio workouts at home alongside gym activities are now a regular part of our daily lifestyles.

In light of these trends, we explore the ways you can make your work out work for you in this new era.

Upping your WFH routine

Vitality and CBI research reveals that 70% of businesses have adopted a hybrid working system, which is benefiting many of us in ways that can support our mental and physical wellbeing. Especially as it is allowing people to exercise remotely more often.

“Working out from home can be a really efficient use of time for days that are too busy or perhaps when we’d like to avoid stepping out into bad weather,” says Jonny Kibble, Head of Exercise and Physical Activity at Vitality.

Meanwhile, 75% of Brits who bought at-home workout products during lockdown intend to keep using them post-pandemic, according to research from GlobalData.

This transition has meant we are seeing people more equipped for at-home exercise.

Be it in the living room or garden shed, with indoor bikes, stepping machines, treadmills, mats and dumbbells becoming household items, as sales continue to skyrocket.

All this has been enabled through the emergence of remote streaming technology, enhanced by wearables, as well as home gym equipment or premium, guided fitness content from the likes of Peloton and Fiit. And working out at home doesn’t mean you can’t be part of a community.

Joslyn Thompson Rule, a Peloton Instructor, and life-long athlete, shares her adoration for online fitness platforms like Peloton. “They are a force for good and helping people get into fitness, especially because of the community.

“Sometimes when you’re going it alone it can feel lonely, but here at Peloton everybody is welcome, we just want you to move in some way and enjoy it.”

Busy lives also mean that online workouts give people the freedom to choose how and when they workout. With thousands of options available, apps and streaming services cater to varied workout types and fitness levels.

Tap into motivation with thousands of live and on-demand classes that fit your mood and schedule, with instructors who entertain and inspire.

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Make the gym work for you

The gym is designed to provide the tools you need to improve your fitness and overall wellbeing. Whether it’s to tone up, lose weight, or build strength, there is something for everyone regardless of ability.

According to PureGym’s UK Fitness report around “14% of the Brits have a gym membership”. This translates to around 10 million people, and according to data from YouGov, more individuals plan to join a gym in 2023.

So, while more people are choosing to adopt new workout habits, the gym is still going strong as a popular choice for many.

ways-to-make-your-workout-work-for-you-12Jonny tells us: “There are many benefits of the gym, which you can’t get from exercising at home, such as accessing a wide range of equipment and the in-person instruction you’re able to attain from personal trainers and coaches.”

Offering social benefits, fitness classes like HIIT and spin continue to be well-loved by gym-goers, but in 2023 we are expected to see a renewed focus on holistic health and wellbeing as opposed to working out purely for aesthetic reasons.

With many busy Brits looking to improve their overall wellbeing and incorporate more wellness into our routine, facilities such as spas, found at many gyms, offer a much-needed place to retreat and get some respite.

Bring the gym to you

There are plenty of ways to up your fitness game even without leaving the house these days.

If you are happy to splash some cash, a standing desk, walking treadmill or walking pad are some of the gentler ways that you could get some exercise into your day if you’re working from home.

Alternatively, there are other ways that you can get physical activity into your day that are cost effective too.

Fitness apps and online platforms have mushroomed over the last two years, such as Fiit, which offer thousands of options for classes across Pilates, yoga, HIIT and meditation – whether you’re looking for high or low impact workouts, there’s bound to be something that suits your abilities and needs.

Many of these platforms offer equipment-free workouts, instead with options to use household items, such as chairs, door handles and maybe even a tin of chopped tomatoes.

With the ease and convenience of working out at home apps like Fiit, Peloton, and Virgin Active offer a variety of workouts that get you feeling great.

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Move more for you

While we can get wrapped up in visiting the gym and working out from home, let’s not forget about the things that are right outside our door.

There are incredible physical and mental health benefits of simply just moving our bodies, whether that be inside or out in nature. These include improved sleep, boosted immune function and improved mood and fatigue.


There is no absolute need to jump straight into a HIIT workout or sprint a 5k at your local parkrun. Walking with friends and family, gardening, doing errands like washing your car, or kicking a ball around with grandchildren or children are all great ways to spend time being active.

None of this needs to be labelled as a workout but it is all still good for your overall health. Running or cycling are both environmentally friendly travel options and can save you money on your commute while you also reap wellbeing benefits. Everyone wins.

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*Internal Vitality data. Pre-Covid period covers Jan to December 2019.
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