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Vitality at Work

Just £7.50 per employee, per month

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Boost your employee wellbeing, boost your productivity

We know you're busy running your business, but looking after your employees doesn't have to be time consuming or expensive. Healthy employees are more productive, according to our latest Britain's Healthiest Workplace findings. When you cover 10 or more of your employees with our business health insurance, you can get a Vitality at Work plan for all employees in your company. For a fixed price of £7.50 per employee, per month, you can give your employees access to healthcare benefits, plus a range of Vitality Programme rewards.

What does Vitality at Work offer your team?

  • Virtual GP appointments

    Your employees can save time and book video appointments through our app.

  • Injury recovery

    We have more than 7,000 physiotherapists your employees can see for support and recovery.

  • Mental health support

    Mental health affects us all. And that’s why your employees can get  support, including face-to-face therapy, up to eight times a year.

Exciting rewards and discounts

Whether it’s a discount on sports shoes to get them running after work or a handcrafted drink each week, our partner benefits will ‘nudge’ your employees into positive lifestyle choices.

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Don't just take our word for it

Since 2013, we’ve worked with the University of Cambridge and more than 500 businesses to find out who are Britain’s Healthiest Workplaces. Our yearly study finds out which employers are leading the pack for workplace wellness. We know what makes employees feel happy, healthy and engaged with their job.

And that's not all

A Vitality at Work plan gives your employees access to our award-winning customer service. We won four awards at the Top 50 Companies For Customer Service Awards, 2020.

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Frequently asked questions 

  • Vitality GP consultations
  • Private prescriptions and minor diagnostics (up to £100 per plan year)
  • Physiotherapy services
  • Talking Therapies (up to eight sessions per plan year)
  • Big White Wall access
  • Employee Assistance Programme (included when bought for PMI members)
  • Vitality Healthchecks (one included per plan year. Any extra checks cost £15)
  • Discounted health screens with Bluecrest1
  • 75% off Champneys Spa breaks and Spa Days and 25% off products2
  • 40% discount on gym membership fees. A joining fee will apply3
  •  25% discount on running shoes from Runners Need4
  • 6 months membership of WW for £30
  • 30% off membership of Headspace and access to Vitality Healthy Mind5
  • Access to Allen Carr’s EasyWay to Stop Smoking programme
  • Garmin, Polar and Withings discounts (up to 40%)6
  • Access to Vitality VIP
  • 10% off hotel bookings with Expedia (coming soon)7
  • 15% off flights with Virgin Atlantic (coming soon)8
  • 50% off a handcrafted drink at Caffè Nero each week (coming soon)9
  • Access to Supercarers ‘CareSolved’ service, and discount on first £1,000 of care
  • Discounts at the Vitality Nike store

All employees contracted for a minimum of 15 hours per week and subject to PAYE can be covered by a Vitality at Work plan. Employees covered by a Vitality at Work plan won’t need to go through underwriting, and there will therefore be no exclusions put in place for pre-existing medical conditions.

Employees can access the Vitality Programme rewards once they register for Member Zone and complete an online Health Review to be given a Vitality Age. A Vitality Age is a measure of whether your employees are ‘older’ or ‘younger’ than their biological age, based on health and lifestyle risk factors.

No, an excess does not apply to any of the treatment or services available through a Vitality at Work plan.

There’s no limit on the number of GP consultations (but it is subject to a fair usage policy) or physiotherapy sessions. Up to eight sessions of Talking Therapies are covered, which matches the benefit available with our Core Cover with private health insurance.

Yes, employees will be able to earn Vitality points and achieve a Vitality status in the same way as members with full private health insurance.

Vitality at Work is part of a Business Healthcare plan, which is an annual insurance contract. This means that the premiums, benefits and terms and conditions last for one year at a time, and can change at each annual renewal date.

A Vitality at Work plan is designed to provide cover for some of the most commonly occurring illness and injuries. It does not cover:

  • Hospital treatment
  •  Specialist consultations
  • Cancer treatment
  • Treatment received outside the UK
  • Emergency treatment
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Cosmetic treatment
  • Treatment related to developmental and behavioural problems and learning difficulties, such as autism, dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Treatment undertaken outside of our network of providers. 

Details correct as at February 2020. Terms and conditions apply to all Vitality partners. See the Guide to the Vitality Programme brochure for full details.

  1. Members who have not completed a Vitality Healthcheck in the current Vitality plan year, or who have completed one and have a Vitality Age Gap below three years, are eligible for a 50% discount. Members who have completed a Vitality Healthcheck and have a Vitality Age Gap of three or more years are eligible for a discount of up to 81%.
  2. Applies to one, two and three night Spa Stays and Spa Days. The discount applies to a one night stay only at Mottram Hall. Maximum of three bookings per plan year at Champneys Spa Resorts. Minimum four week booking period applies. This offer does not apply to Eastwell Manor.
  3. A joining fee of up to £75 will apply on certain memberships at selected gyms only. Each adult member on a plan can have one discounted gym membership at either Virgin Active, Nuffield Health or David Lloyd.
  4. 25% off a pair of running shoes for each member, per plan year.
  5. Employees can earn two Vitality points a day for 10 minutes (or more) of mindful activity, up to a maximum of six points a week – using Headspace, Buddhify, Calm or The Mindfulness App. They can also get 30% off an annual Headspace subscription.
  6. Up to 40% off one selected Polar or Garmin activity tracker per member aged 16 and over each plan year. 40% off one Withings activity tracker per adult member each plan year. P&P charges may apply.
  7. Available on the first £750 of each booking on the net price only, excluding taxes and charges. Up to a maximum of four bookings per plan year depending on your employees Vitality status. Available Q1 2020.
  8. 15% off all base fares advertised by Virgin Atlantic, excluding taxes and fees. Up to a maximum of four bookings each plan year based on your employees Vitality status. Available Q1 2020.
  9. Your employees will need to download the Caffè Nero app, link to Vitality and achieve 12 Vitality activity points each week. Caffè Nero will be available from April 2020.