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The UK’s largest employee wellbeing survey

How it works

A step-by-step guide to Britain's Healthiest Workplace

  • Step 1: Sign up 


    Sign up, it only takes 2 minutes. We’ll then send a link to a form where you’ll tell us about your organisation and tailor your employee survey.

  • Step 2: Employees take part


    Send the survey link to your employees to fill out. They'll each get a report on their health and tips on how to maintain or improve it.

  • Step 3: Get insights


    Book a session with our wellbeing experts. They’ll take you through your employee’s health, engagement and performance report. 

What’s the timeline and key dates?

This is an example based on a 3-week survey window:
  • Sign up today
  • Day 1 – Send your employees a link to the survey. It’ll take them around 20-minutes
  • Day 21 – Survey closes to your employees
  • Within 3 weeks – Book a consultation with our health and wellbeing experts and get your survey results
  • 30 September 2022 – Britain’s Healthiest Workplace entries close
  • November 2022 – Get your organisation’s accreditation status and find out the Britain's Healthiest Workplace 2022 winners.
Timeline showing a 3-week survey window

What does the survey measure?

The core survey measures how your workplace affects your employee's health and performance. For example, engagement and burnout.

You can add extra modules to the survey, too:

+ Financial wellbeing
+ Women’s and men’s health.
Icons showing health, engagement and performance

How are the survey questions chosen?

The questions, scoring, reporting and awards are chosen by an independent board. It's made up of experts and academics across a range of fields. This includes public health, behavioural psychology, mental health and workplace wellbeing. And it's chaired by expert medical practitioner, Professor Dame Carol Black. See the full list of board members
Dame Carol Black

Once we have our survey results, is there a way to track progress?

Based on survey answers from your employees, we'll give your organisation an accreditation status. This will be Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. We'll also give you a benchmark against similar employers in the same industry.

Your status is a simple way to understand your employee's health and wellbeing and is a good tool for tracking progress. You can get an updated status every year.
Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum status


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