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For 10 to 249 employees

Vitality at Work Business

Just £7.50 per person, per month

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The solution for better health and a better business

Better employee health drives engagement and productivity1. And we appreciate that not all employees may be covered by health insurance. This means they may miss out on the benefits. That’s where Vitality at Work Business comes in.

It shows you how much, or how little, your teams are staying happy and healthy. By understanding their health, you can improve their wellbeing. You just need at least ten employees covered by Vitality business health insurance. And with our Employer Cashback benefit, your business can earn up to 10% cashback on your annual premium when you renew. This excludes Insurance Premium Tax. The healthier your employees, the more cashback you earn.

1Britain’s Healthiest Workplace

What are the benefits of Vitality at Work Business?

  • Rewards

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    Access savings on gym membership, activity trackers, weekly coffees and more.

  • Healthcare support

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    Employees can access unlimited virtual GP consultations (subject to fair use policy), physiotherapy and mental health treatment.

  • Simplicity

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    There are no excesses or exclusions for treatment. There’s also no underwriting. It’s simple and easy.

  • Affordability

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    Compared to the cost of health insurance, Vitality at Work offers affordable healthcare and engagement options.

  • Insights

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    Employees take part in bespoke surveys, which provide personalised insights into their health and wellbeing. You’ll also get tailored engagement support from our Workplace Wellbeing team

Understand, improve, get rewarded

Vitality at Work Business gets your employees access to a range of treatments and benefits:

• Annual healthchecks
• Online doctor appointments
• Up to eight therapy sessions a year
• Physiotherapy
• Plus access to rewards.
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Instant rewards for healthy living

With Vitality at Work your employees get access to and discounts with some of the UK’s best known brands.
  • Allen Carr logo
  • Caffe Nero
  • Champneys logo
  • Garmin logo
  • White Headspace logo
  • Expedia logo white
  • Runners Need logo
  • Virgin Active logo
  • WW logo
  • Withings logo

Learn about the health of your workforce

We launched Britain's Healthiest Workplace back in 2012 to help businesses understand employees’ health and how it links to their productivity. By encouraging them to be healthier, you're also looking after your business. It’s good for you and good for society.

The independent board that oversees the survey is made up of leading specialists in workplace wellbeing and public health. And it's all run with our partners - The Financial Times and University of Cambridge.
More on Britain's Healthiest Workplace
1 in 3 employees don't exercise enough and '57% of employees are stressed at work
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Vitality at Work Business FAQs

• An annual Vitality Healthcheck
• Online doctor appointments through Vitality GP
• 50-81% discount off health screenings with Bluecrest
• 40% off gym memberships (a joining fee will apply)
• Discount off activity trackers
• 25% off a pair of running shoes at Runners Need
• 50% off a Caffè Nero drink each week
• £100 per plan year for minor diagnostic tests and private prescriptions 
• Up to eight sessions of Talking Therapies
• Access to priority physiotherapy
• Employee Assistance Programme (optional)
• SuperCarers
• Discounts from Nike

Details correct as of June 2021. Terms and conditions apply to all Vitality partners. 

All employees contracted for a minimum of 15 hours per week and subject to PAYE can be covered by a Vitality at Work plan. Employees covered by a Vitality at Work plan won’t need to go through underwriting. This means there will be no exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions. You must have at least 10 employees covered by a Vitality business health insurance plan.
Employees can access the Vitality Programme rewards once they register for Member Zone and complete an online Health Review to be given a Vitality Age. A Vitality Age is a measure of whether your employees are ‘older’ or ‘younger’ than their biological age, based on health and lifestyle risk factors.
No, but to have Vitality at Work Business you will need at least ten employees covered by Vitality’s business health insurance.