‘Don’t think, just do… life’s too short’: Hayley’s survival story


Life insurance is not only for when the unthinkable happens, it can be there for us while we’re living too. As Hayley Morris found out

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Hayley Morris never expected she would need to use her Vitality life insurance plan, let alone make two claims on it before her 40th birthday.

After initially being rushed into hospital with a blood clot in her lungs aged 36, just two years later she was diagnosed with cancer.

Both were covered under her Serious Illness Cover plan, a type of life insurance which pays out a lump sum for diagnosis of a listed illness.

Because her cancer and the blood clot – also known as a pulmonary embolism, a medical issue only covered by Vitality – were unrelated, she was able to make two separate claims. And not only that.

Cover continues due to Vitality’s unique approach to paying multiple claims in full, so she can rest assured that financial protection is still in place in the future – for her, her partner David, and her daughter Bella too.

“The cover has done wonders for us,” she tells Vitality Magazine.

“It hugely helped knowing that I had cover. It meant I knew that Bella would still have money for when she got married or buy her own house, and things like that [if something happened to me]. We’re a normal family, we’re normal people. From a cover perspective, it’s done wonders for us.”    

And what advice does she have for anyone considering taking out cover for themselves and their loved ones? “Don’t just think, just do. Life’s too short. We think it won’t happen to us, but I’m living proof it can.” To hear Hayley’s story, watch the video below.

Watch Hayley’s story below: 

At Vitality, our life cover can cost as little as £5 per month (that’s less than your average weekly coffee order), with an average monthly cost of £55 per plan[1].

Plus, members who add Optimiser to their life plan, can save up to 40% on their premiums when they look after their health. Vitality life insurance holders saved on average £114 each year through lower premiums[2].

To find out more about a life insurance plan with Vitality visit vitality.co.uk.

[1] Vitality data, 2023
[2] Vitality Life Claims and Benefits Report, 2022
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