‘Know your numbers’: How Rangers FC use player data to succeed


Whether it’s GPS tracking, wearable sleep technology or blood screening, health data is transforming professional football, as we explore in our Changing The Game series


We’re constantly told football is a game of ‘fine margins’. In the modern game especially, this is more than just a cliché.

As we hear in our latest Changing the Game, with Rangers FC, those one or two percents make a world of difference when it comes to performance.

But it’s not just on the pitch that data and technology is transforming football. What players eat, how much and when, as well as ensuring they get the right nutrients or how menstruation might impact female player performance are just some of the things increasingly being taken into account.

We sat down with Rangers FC captain James Tavernier, centre back Kathryn Hill and the club’s medical and performance staff to hear more.

Watch below:

Five things Rangers FC do to maximise their chance of success…

  1. Wearable technology  Whether it’s GPS tracking to record distances run, heart rate monitors or sleep cycles, wearable technology is increasingly being used to record data that can build a personalised picture of players and their performance.
  2. Cardiac monitoring (ECG)  Following some high-profile incidences at the top level, cardiac monitoring (ECG) is more commonly being used to check heart health and this data is also used as part of game preparation.
  3. Blood tests  Regular bloods are taken to provide a window into a player’s health and performance. These results are then used to track certain biomarkers such as vitamin D, allowing staff to make recommendations accordingly.
  4. Nutrition  The types of food players eat – such as carbs – will vary depending on their training schedule, fitness levels and in line with match preparation. Diets and supplements will also change based on blood results (e.g. folic acid and vitamin D).
  5. Mental wellbeing  Players fill out a weekly Wellbeing Questionnaire to allow the club to keep an eye on mental health, plus psychological support is also available, especially around long-term injuries.

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