‘How I prepare mentally’: Jos Buttler and Maro Itoje spotlight mental wellbeing


Sporting heroes Maro Itoje and Jos Buttler swap stories on dealing with setbacks and their journeys to becoming champions


Becoming an elite sportsperson requires determination, hard work and no shortness of talent, but to be one of the best in the world is a whole different ball game.

We recently brought together two of our ambassadors Jos Buttler and Maro Itoje for a Vitality first: one of the world’s most dynamic white ball batters up close and personal with the much-celebrated English Rugby mainstay.

Both men are at the top of their professional careers. And with this comes a great deal of pressure – not least from themselves.

In this exclusive interview for Men’s Health Awareness month, these two sporting legends peel back the curtain on how they mentally prepare to perform at their best.

And how they cope with setbacks, which - in any walk of life - are inevitable.

Watch the full video below:

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