Love yourself with these wellness trends for 2024


Wellbeing is subjective, but no matter how you define it, the vast majority of us are missing out on some much needed eudaimonia. We explore how and where to book your next getaway


Life’s ever-quickening pace is making Brits increasingly more time poor. Half terms, Easter breaks, summer holidays and everything in between are giving us tailspin as we try to keep up with demands of everyday life.

Weary and burnt-out jetsetters are, thus, on the hunt for some well-earned downtime – and wellbeing retreats might be just the ticket.

No longer reserved for ‘Trustafarians’ on a quest for self-discovery, wellbeing getaways are being tipped as this year’s top travelling trend.

“Regardless of generation, the number one reason people want to travel in 2024 is to rest and recharge,” a report by the Hilton group explains. It found that Baby Boomers and Gen X were those who were most in need of a restful trip at 67% and 68%, respectively.

Interestingly, Gen Zs and Millennials are driving the trend too as they become more comfortable with traveling, particularly solo, notes a spokesperson for boutique travel group and Vitality partner, Mr & Mrs Smith.

They say these generations are “not eager to wait, but keen to live in the moment and [make the most of] life’s opportunities, and are responsible for [their] own happiness.” Carpe diem, as the saying goes.

Feed your head

Mental wellbeing is a top priority for many Brits, but just 11% believe that their emotional health is where it should be1. Almost a third don’t believe they have time to focus on it and 67% cannot be the best version of themselves when their wellbeing is low.

Mindful retreats are, therefore, taking centre stage for travellers. These are an important outlet for people to explore their emotional landscape and take learnings into their everyday life.

Here, meditation, mindfulness and yoga are accompanied by counselling sessions and group therapy – you could even head to a silent retreat if you really feel the need to escape the noise.

A dream holiday?

Sleep can often be the victim of life’s chaos and Vitality findings show that we are a nation who struggle with getting the right amount of shuteye[2].

Anxiety was one of the top culprits for causing disrupted sleep (50%) along with physical pain, while one in five of us say that they never get a restful night’s kip.

Unsurprisingly, then, putting a spotlight on sleep is one of the top priorities for many wellbeing warriors in 2024.

Safe and sound

If you’ve ever been to a spa, beauty salon or even a fitness class, you might have noticed the dulcet tones of waves crashing or songbirds in the background.

This is because low frequency sounds can induce a deeply restorative state within the brain, which can alleviate anxiety and reduce stress, as well as a host of other benefits.

Sound healing retreats are then a great option to restore harmony between the body and mind.

There are a variety of retreats that offer a selection of immersive sonic experiences in an effort to help those reach a deep state of relaxation.

A pinch of salt

Salt floating - or flotation therapy as it’s known – is designed to encourage relaxation and a host of other benefits.

From reduced blood pressure to improvements in blood flow, it’s also been hailed as a tool to improve creativity and help with problem-solving.

It works by immersing into a tank of water and Epsom salts, or magnesium sulphate, and gently lying back to let the buoyancy of the water help you float.

Relaxing music might play for the first 10 minutes and then it’s simply about floating, leaving users feeling relieved of old aches and pains, as well as energised.

On the wagon

Health-conscious consumers are kicking the booze for a ‘no’ or ‘low’ lifestyle[3], and it’s spilling over into travel trends, too.

Dry Tripping, as Vitality partner Expedia has dubbed it, is where travellers are seeking travel experiences that offer zero-proof options for those wanting to improve their health, away from societal pressures.

Close to home

You don’t need to visit a far-flung destination for a sense of escapism, there might even be something closer to home that you realised. Why not try looking up these three locations? 

United Kingdom


 The UK has some of the world’s most dynamic and spectacular landscapes. From moorland, forests and glens to lochs, coastlines and caverns; all are part of its arsenal that are primed to bring a sense of tranquil to any wellness holiday – you just need to know where to look.

Towns in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all boast their own collection of wellness getaways for every eventuality for either the fitness-focused or those in need of an Ayurvedic detox. Why not find out what could be on your doorstep? It could be closer than you think.



The Algarve, Portugal’s southern-most region, has been described as a ‘haven’ for wellbeing seekers. Primarily surrounded by picturesque coastline, restorative programmes make the most of Mother Nature’s playlist, while the sun-drenched countryside encourages you to challenge your fitness.

Renowned medical spas are available across the region, while thalassotherapy – or seawater therapy – is a natural pull for wellness visitors of this coastal utopia.



People’s deep-rooted love of nature in Sweden is apparent with the wellness retreats the country boasts.

Countryside sanctuaries bring visitors closer to nature, where hot and cold therapy are not just a wellbeing tool, but a part of everyday life; while the vastness of this land project a new-found appreciation for nature.

The towns and cities too, deliver on the need to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul with spas and wellbeing retreats aplenty.

At Vitality, we understand life can be hectic, and recognise the importance of taking time off to go on holiday or reconnect with yourself.

That’s why we offer our members with qualifying health and life insurance plans discounts on a range of hotels with Mr & Mrs Smith and Expedia.

You can also get up to 75% off selected Champneys health spa breaks.

To find out more on how to book your next escape, log into Member Zone or download the Vitality app

1 Global Wellbeing Report 2023, lululemon

2 Vitality research into Brits sleeping habits, 2023

3 Health Survey for England, 2021 part 1


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