‘We never miss it’: Born’s parkrun story


Finding activities for the kids to do over the summer months can be challenging. But for Born and his family – their Saturday morning parkrun is already set


The first time Born took his three children to a parkrun, he was met with inevitable resistance. 

Weeks later, Saturday morning wake-up calls at his house are a very different scene.

 “They’re up, they’re ready to go to parkrun,” he tells Vitality Magazine.

“Even if the night before everyone’s a bit tired, on the morning of, it just takes one of us to say, ‘Let’s go’.”

Now etched into their weekly routine, parkrun is a way for the whole family to be active and feel part of the wider community.

“The gradual progression of them doing it week in week out [...] it’s a really positive part of their day. We don’t miss it.”

He adds: “It’s nice to be in an environment that shows we can get up on a morning, you’ve gone out there and you’re part of something.”

The family-time Born has at parkrun is also a Saturday morning motivator. 

“Exercising with someone is an emotional connection, you’re putting yourself in a vulnerable position where you’re not going to be looking your best, you’re going to be sweating, you’re going to be out of breath and if you’re willing to do that, then I’m willing to know you on another level.”

Watch his full story below: 

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