4 ways to get healthier and save money with Vitality this summer


Find out how to take control of your health and your finances this summer with the Vitality Programme


Many Brits are struggling with their mental and physical health, as well as poor diet, due to a range of reasons, so there’s never been a better time to prioritise your health.

As part of our bid to redefine how insurance works and improve the health of our members, the Vitality Programme – our behaviour change programme – gives members discounts or cashback from a range of partner brands.

From Waitrose & Partners and Caffè Nero to PureGym and Virgin Active – these are designed to improve your health and reward you for sustaining healthy habits.

This not only means you can benefit from your plan long before you need to claim on it but gives you the best possible chance of staying well and healthy throughout your life. 

Vitality member data shows that 87% of those who engaged with the Vitality Programme reached the recommended guideline of 150 minutes of exercise each week [1], compared with just 63% of the UK population.  

As well as this, more than a million mindfulness sessions were logged through the Vitality Programme last year. Meanwhile, more than half of our members increase the amount of fruit and vegetables they eat during their first year after engaging with the Vitality Programme [2]. 

The annual Vitality Healthcheck also helps our members to make informed decisions about their health by encouraging them to get active, eat better or be more mindful. 

Below we explain four ways that you can kickstart your health journey and benefit from the Vitality Programme today.

Get moving

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘health is wealth’. It means that being healthy is our greatest asset – one we cannot afford to live without.

Physical activity has a range of health benefits, from boosting your mood to reducing stress and lowering the risk of depression

But getting active can be easier said than done. In a nutshell, the Vitality Programme is designed to inspire you to get active, in a way that suits you, through rewards and incentives.  

By getting active – either by going for a walk, tending to your garden, going for a swim or doing the housework – you can earn Vitality activity points. 

When you earn points, these go towards upping your Vitality status. When you take out a plan, you start on Bronze and can make your way up to Silver, Gold and Platinum. 

The more points you earn, the more you’ll be rewarded with benefits and incentives. And, depending on your plan, can save money on your premiums. 

To start collecting points, you first need to link a device either through your phone or a smartwatch. Find out how to get started by following the link below. 

Find out how to earn Activity Points – up to 40 a week – by clicking the link: How do I earn Vitality points? | Support | Vitality

Eat healthier

Making healthy choices, when it comes to our food, can be tough. With temptation at every turn, finding a sustainable balance can be hard. 

But the truth is, diet is so important when it comes to health and is linked to various diseases and health risks. 

Landmark new research by Cancer Research UK has shown that cancer cases among 25 to 50-year-olds have risen by 24% in the last two decades, namely, experts have said, because of the “major change in western diets over the past 30 to 40 years”.

Cancer Research UK cites that obesity is the direct cause of 13 cancers; while maintaining a healthy weight can help with so many other factors of our daily life, including mental health, energy levels and immunity. 

Our nutrition partners, including Waitrose & Partners and Mindful Chef, help make healthy eating easy for everyone. 

Qualifying members who earn 160 activity points each month could receive 25% cashback on selected Waitrose & Partners Good Health products online or in-store – or up to 40% if you have you two eligible plans [3].  

Meanwhile, our partnership with WeightWatchers offers members a six-month subscription for just £30. We’ll also extend this for another six months if two wellness workshops are attended every month. 

Mindful moments

The NHS cites that taking part in mindfulness allows us to be more aware of our thoughts and feelings, which helps us to deal with any issues we may face more productively. 

This is vital for our health as it may also encourage us to notice signs of stress or anxiety. That’s why we’ve partnered with meditation app Headspace for our members to access through the Vitality Programme. 

Like earning Activity points by getting active, when members use the Headspace app they can receive two points per day (maximum six per week) when they take part in 10 minutes of mindfulness. 

And members who are using the service are seeing the benefits. Our data shows that 27% saw an improvement in their mental wellbeing over time, compared with those not using the app [4]. 

Time to relax

Summer has rolled around once again; schools are about to break up and jet-setting to pastures sunnier are top of the mind.

But findings show that more than half of working Britons are not using all of their annual leave, for reasons including pressure from management and not wanting to take leave.

Meanwhile, findings from Vitality’s Britain’s Healthiest Workplace survey shows that as many as 96% of British employees are suffering from at least one clinical health issue, which is directly correlating to productivity loss for businesses.

And taking holiday is one of the ways in which we can improve our health. It allows us to reduce stress levels and improve wellbeing. The Happiness Index also says that it helps workers be more creative.

So, at Vitality, we want to make it easier for you to take some well-deserved R&R by helping our members save on their next getaway.

But how much you can save will depend on your Vitality status. 

Platinum members, on a eligible Vitality Plus plan, will save £125 off the first £500 they spend with Mr & Mrs Smith [5] and up to 20% off up to four bookings on hotels through Expedia [6]. 

Meanwhile, members can enjoy 75% off one, two and three-night Champneys stays or 35% off Champneys treatments at City Spas, no matter their status [7]. 

Or much closer to home, our cinema partners, ODEON and Vue [8], can bring you some escapism through tickets on us when you get active. 

[1] Vitality data, 2023

[2] Vitality data, 2022

[3] Cashback is available on Waitrose Good Health products online and in-store, excluding drinks, and is based on the Vitality activity points earned in the previous month. Online purchases have a minimum spend of £40 and a delivery charge will apply. A monthly spend cap applies of £100 for individual plans, or £200 for plans with two or more adult members. To use the benefit, you will need to register for a myWaitrose card and link it to your Vitality membership.

[4] Vitality data, 2023

[5] Up to a maximum discount of £125 depending on Vitality status. Maximum of two discounted bookings each plan year.

[6] Offer applies to Vitality Plus members. Select will receive a maximum of 10% off. The Expedia discount will apply to the first £750 spend before taxes and charges.

[7] Maximum of three bookings per plan year. This offer does not apply to Eastwell Manor. 75% off at Mottram Hall applies to one-night stays only. Subject to room availability.

[8] Members with a qualifying plan

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