4 ways to get more from your plan this summer


There are a number of ways you can make the most out of your plan this summer that helps you save money and stay healthy

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We all want to be healthy. But, despite this, making positive lifestyle choices and forming healthy habits is not always easy. 

At Vitality, we give you the nudges you need to stand the best possible chance of staying well. It also means you can benefit from your plan long before needing to claim. 

As part of our bid to redefine how insurance works, the Vitality Programme offers access to a range of partner brands designed to kick-start your health journey – and sustain it.  

Engaging with it helps create a ‘shared-value’ exchange between our members, ourselves as insurers and society. Why? Because a healthier population is good for all of us. 

How does the Vitality Programme work?

You automatically get access to the Vitality Programme when you take out a plan with us. You can start earning points immediately and accessing discounts from our partners including Caffè Nero and Mindful Chef.

These are not just things to enjoy, they also help ensure we benefit physically, mentally and financially too. 

"The Vitality Programme can catalyse better health,” says Nick Read, Managing Director of the Vitality Programme.

"We have drawn on significant behavioural and data science capabilities to build a programme that positively nudges our members to make healthier choices. And it's proven to work."

Vitality member data shows that 87% of those who engage with the Vitality Programme reach the recommended guideline of 150 minutes of exercise each week, compared to just 61% of the UK population (1).  

As well as this, more than a million mindfulness sessions were logged with us last year and more than half of our members increase the amount of fruit and vegetables they eat during their first year after engaging with Vitality (2). 

With this comes a myriad of ways to save some money too. Here are four things you can do to ensure you get more value from your plan this summer. 

Being active

In a nutshell, the Vitality Programme is designed to inspire you to get active through rewards and incentives.  

By getting active through the Vitality Programme, you earn Activity points, which go towards upping your Vitality status month-on-month. You’ll then get rewarded and, depending on your plan, could even save money on your premiums; all this helps to create a positive feedback loop that helps make healthy habits stick. 

Physical activity brings with it a range of benefits, from boosting your mood to reducing stress and lowering the risk of depression. It is, however, easy to put off going out for a run or to the gym, so sometimes we need a little helping hand.

And to get you started on your active journey, we’ll give you up to 50% off a pair of sports shoes with Runners Need per plan year. This might be running outdoors or on the treadmill in one of our discounted partner gyms

Find out how to earn Activity Points – up to 40 a week – by clicking the the link  How do I earn Vitality points? | Support | Vitality

Make healthy choices

Despite our best efforts to be healthy, making the choices that are good for us can be tough. In today’s world, where temptation is everywhere, finding the right balance can sometimes feel impossible. 

The daily choices we make are more important than we realise. And a large part of this is usually based around our diet. 

Our nutrition partners, including Waitrose & Partners and Mindful Chef, help make healthy eating a no-brainer.  

When you earn 160 activity points a month, with a qualifying plan you could receive 25% cashback on selected Waitrose & Partners Good Health products online or in-store – or up to 40% if you have you an eligible health and life plan.   

Or, if you need help losing weight, a six-month subscription to WeightWatchers is available for just £30. Attend two wellness workshops a month and we’ll extend your membership for another six months – that’s a total saving of more than £250 over a year (3).  

Plus reaching your healthy goal weight can get you 100 points which helps unlock more for you to enjoy. 

It gets results too. Those who took advantage of our nutrition benefits improved their health significantly within the first year (6). 

Have mindful moments

Taking out time for self-care is vital for our mental health. That’s why, with the Vitality Programme, you can get access to wellbeing sessions through our partner Headspace.  

Did you know that 10-minutes of daily mindfulness using the Headspace app adds points to your Vitality status? Each session will earn you 2 Vitality points, with a maximum of 6 points per week.  

We’ve seen members using Headspace see a 27% improvement in their mental wellbeing over time compared with those not using the app (4). 

However, if you do feel the need to talk to someone, Talking Therapies is available to those with a qualifying plan who need it.  

Time to relax

The summer is that time of year, when schools break up and summer holidays take centre stage for many families.  

It’s a time to get away and take a much-needed break. And the Vitality Programme can help you slip into holiday mode – and save some money too. 

Whether it’s a spa day or a hotel break, you can get access to discounts from Expedia, Mr & Mrs Smith, for qualifying members, and Champneys.  

And you guessed it! How much you save will depend on your Vitality status – the higher your status the better discount you’ll get. 

Platinum members on a qualifying plan will save £125 off the first £500 they spend with Mr & Mrs Smith and up to 20% off hotels through Expedia

Members with a can also enjoy up to 75% off one, two or three night Champneys stays or 35% off a city day (5). 

Much closer to home, our cinema partners, ODEON and Vue, can bring you (6) some escapism through tickets on us when you get active. 

After all, small changes can make a big difference. But it always helps if you get a nudge. Get started on your Vitality journey by logging into Member Zone and conducting a Health Review today – or find out more about our health and life insurance plans here

At Vitality, we're all about encouraging our members to make small positive lifestyle choices that can make a big impact to their lives.

That's why we offer partner benefits and rewards with a range of big brands when you get healthy.

Terms and conditions apply to all partners, log into Member Zone or visit vitality.co.uk to find out more.

[1] Vitality data 2023

[2] Vitality data 2022

[3] Based on WeightWatchers Premium membership charge of £26.95 per month in November 2022. 

[4] Vitality data 2023

[5] Maximum of three bookings per plan year. This offer does not apply to Eastwell Manor. 75% off at Mottram Hall applies to one night stays only. Subject to room availability. 

[6] Members with a qualifying plan

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