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Vitality Face-to-Face GP

Discounts on private face-to-face GP visits

All the benefits of seeing a GP in person- with none of the wait

As a Vitality member on a Personal Healthcare plan, if you’re in the London area, you can get all the benefits of seeing a GP in person – with none of the wait – at a reduced rate.

Ideal for cases where it’s more difficult to replace personal contact with a medical professional – e.g. joint and muscular issues, skin conditions or mental wellbeing – our face-to-face private GP service gives you fast access to all the help, advice and reassurance you’d normally get from seeing a doctor. They can also issue private prescriptions or refer you for a minor diagnostic test, such as a blood test or x-ray.

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What it costs

You'll need to make a £20 upfront payment each time you book a consultation and we'll cover the rest.

If you choose our London Care hospital list, you get unlimited Face-to-Face GP visits. If you choose our Consultant Select plan, or the Local or Countrywide hospital lists, you get two Face-to-Face GP visits each plan year.

How it works

Once you join us, register on our Member Zone at – where you can also search for your nearest Vitality Face-to-Face GP provider, book a consultation and make the £20 upfront payment. We won’t cover any consultations you don't book through the Member Zone.

If you get a private prescription or a referral for a minor diagnostic test, you’ll need to pay for that upfront, too, and claim that back from your £100 benefit.

If the GP refers you for a scan or ultrasound, or refers you for further treatment e.g. seeing a consultant, you’ll need to contact us for authorisation if you wish to make a claim.

All our providers are open Monday to Friday, with some locations offering extended opening hours and consultations on Saturdays.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the questions we've answered for our members

What if I can't find a GP near me?

Until we expand the service, you can book a video consultation with a Vitality GP within 48 hours. If you need a face-to-face consultation, we recommend you contact your NHS GP.

Can I choose which GP I see?

You can ask to be seen by a male or female GP. However, once you’ve completed the online booking form, your provider will recommend the best GP for you, based on the information you provide.

Does a Vitality Face-to-Face GP consultation count as a claim?

No, using this service will not count as a claim (for the purposes of calculating your renewal premium on Personal Healthcare plans) unless you are referred for onward treatment. Private prescriptions and minor diagnostics - up to your £100 allocation per plan year - also don’t count as claims.

Is what I discuss with the Face-to-Face GP confidential?

Our providers will share your personal details and information about your condition with us, so that we can process any invoices and assess any claim that results from the consultation. You have the right to ask the GP not to share that information with us, but in those cases the Face-to-Face GP will only be able to give advice, unless you agree to cover the entire cost of the consultation yourself.

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