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Switch today and we'll beat your renewal quote

If you’ve been claims-free for two years, we’ll beat your existing quote by 5%1 and match or improve your cover. You can also save up to £500 a year2 in partner rewards. Our plans include:

A Full Cover Promise

We promise to pay all in-patient and day-patient consultant and anaesthetist fees, as long as the treatment is eligible on your plan and your consultant is recognised by us.
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Extended Cancer Cover

We pay all eligible costs associated with the condition once diagnosed, with no limits on the use of biological, hormone or bisphosphonate therapy.
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Fast Private GP Access

Includes Vitality GP video consultations within 48 hours, a 24/7 helpline, fast consultant referrals, £100 towards prescriptions and diagnostic tests3.
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A unique approach to renewal premiums

The way we work out your next year’s premium is fair, intuitive and transparent. By doing healthy things to raise your Vitality status, you can control your costs, too.
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Seamless switch process

You're able to switch to VitalityHealth with no break in your cover, providing you don't cancel your existing plan before we've accepted your application.

Rewards for a healthy lifestyle

Get 50% off Virgin Active monthly gym membership (a joining fee applies)4, 75% off  stays at Champneys spa resorts, the chance to earn a weekly Cineworld or Vue cinema ticket and many more.
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Switching from a Vitality company scheme?

Get the same great Vitality value and rewards

Keep your Vitality benefits

In fact, if your old scheme didn’t have the Vitality Plus option, you’ll now enjoy lots of extra rewards.

Keep your Vitality status

Leaving your company scheme needn’t mean leaving your Vitality status behind – we’ll protect your current status, so you can keep reaping the rewards of all your hard work.

Keep earning rewards

Remember, by getting active and staying active you can earn regular treats – like weekly cinema tickets at Cineworld or Vue and big savings like up to 40% off British Airways European flights.

Leaving a company scheme

Important information

1 The offer is for new Personal Healthcare plans with a minimum premium of £33 a month. You must be switching from a current health insurance policy and have not made a claim in the last two years. Your existing cover will be matched as closely as possible by VitalityHealth. The offer excludes six week plans, health cash plans, plans with an excess over £1,000 and diagnostics only plans.

2 £500 saving is based on a Vitality member on Bronze status taking advantage of Virgin Active monthly discounted gym membership and weekly cinema reward.

3 Available on certain iOS and Android devices via an app. Video consultations held within 48 hours of first contact, limited to 4 per member per year and not available on Sundays. Conditions apply. 

4 Flexible individual monthly membership. Joining fees are up to £50 for all clubs other than Classic Collection clubs, where joining fees are up to £150. This offer does not apply to Chiswick Riverside Health and Racquet Club.

Switching to Vitality terms and conditions

1. This offer is open to all new individuals purchasing a new VitalityHealth Personal Health Insurance policy (“VitalityHealth Insurance”) who:

(a) comply with these terms and conditions;

(b) hold an active private medical insurance (“PMI”) policy with in-patient and day-patient cover with one of VitalityHealth’s direct competitors (including but not limited to AXA PPP Healthcare, BUPA, Aviva and Simplyhealth); and

(c) have not made a claim on any PMI policy for the last two years; the “Eligible Participants”.


2. For the avoidance of doubt, the following PMI policies are excluded from the offer:

(a) six week PMI policies or PMI polices with a six week option;

(b) health cash PMI policies;

(c) PMI policies with an excess of over £1,000; and

(d) PMI policies which only cover diagnoses and not treatment of a condition (diagnostic only PMI policies).


3. The VitalityHealth Insurance quotation must be obtained either directly with VitalityHealth or through an adviser who is operating in one of VitalityHealth’s “Sales Channels”. For the purposes of these terms, a Sales Channel shall be deemed to include a professional broker, authorised representative or insurance intermediary.


4. Eligible Participants must give one of the following to their chosen Sales Channel at the point of submitting their VitalityHealth Insurance application:

(a) in the case of Eligible Participants who are applying for VitalityHealth Insurance which would incept on or after the renewal date of their existing PMI policy, a copy of their renewal quote; or

(b) in the case of all other Eligible Participants who are applying for VitalityHealth Insurance which would incept before the renewal date of their existing PMI policy, documentation confirming their existing PMI policy premium; each a “Competitor’s Quote”.


5. The insurance quotation given by the chosen Sales Channel for the VitalityHealth Insurance (“VitalityHealth Quote”) will be based on the equivalent level of cover provided under the Competitor’s Quote. For the avoidance of doubt, the VitalityHealth Quote will be priced on like-for-like benefits and exclusions incorporated in an Eligible Participant’s current PMI policy, in accordance with the Switch Guidelines issued to the Sales Channel by VitalityHealth. A minimum monthly premium payment of £33 will apply to any VitalityHealth Insurance policy. The criteria on which the quotations will be matched is as follows:

(a) the closest level of excess (if the same excess is not available, the VitalityHealth Quote will be based on the closest available excess level below the Competitor Quote’s excess level);

(b) the closest level of psychiatric cover (if the same psychiatric cover limit is not available, the VitalityHealth Quote will be based on the closest available cover limit above the Competitor Quote’s cover limit);

(c) the closest level of out-patient benefit (if the same out-patient cover limit is not available, the VitalityHealth Quote will be based on the closest available cover limit above the Competitor Quote’s cover limit; and

(d) the closest hospital list (excluding country wide plus list outside the M25); the “Matching Criteria”.


6. The following offers will not be deemed by VitalityHealth to form part of the Competitor’s Quote and will be excluded from the comparison for the purposes of the Matching Criteria:

(a) dental, travel or other discounted, free or non PMI modules; and

(b) months’ free offers and other negotiated discounts.


7. Subject to the quotations being successfully matched in accordance with the Matching Criteria, VitalityHealth may offer the VitalityHealth Insurance to the Eligible Participant at a minimum of 5 per cent (excluding any applicable insurance premium tax or any other tax imposition) cheaper than the Competitor’s Quote (the “Discount”). For the avoidance of doubt the Discount may be either a minimum of (i) 5% cheaper than an Eligible Participant’s renewal quote or (ii) 5% cheaper than the Eligible Participant’s current premium if they are outside the renewal cycle. The Discount will always be subject to the minimum monthly premium payments for any VitalityHealth Insurance plan of £33 and may be adjusted accordingly.


8. Eligible Participants who wish to take advantage of the Discount are required to email or post a copy of the insurance certificate for their existing PMI policy (detailing cover levels, exclusions and member details) to VitalityHealth on request.


9. VitalityHealth reserves the right to request an original copy of the Competitor’s Quote from an Eligible Participant at any time.


10. Should the Eligible Participant fail to provide satisfactory evidence of the Competitor’s Quote, or where the documentation provided pursuant to clause 8 and 9 above reveals that the Competitor’s Quote cannot be matched in accordance with the Matching Criteria, VitalityHealth will not be obliged to provide the Discount and any VitalityHealth Insurance purchased will be charged at the full market rate.


11. VitalityHealth reserves the right to extend the promotional period at any time. VitalityHealth Quotes will be valid for thirty days from the date of issue. This offer does not apply to existing VitalityHealth policyholders.


12. Eligible Participants acknowledge and agree that VitalityHealth Insurance is an annual contract and VitalityHealth will be entitled to reprice their VitalityHealth Insurance on renewal. The 5% Switch offer Discount will be applied to the baseline premium for the lifetime of your plan.


13. VitalityHealth reserves the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time, including in the event of fraudulent behaviour.


14. These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law, and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


15. This offer is made by Vitality Corporate Services Limited (company number 05933141) of 3 More London Riverside, London SE1 2AQ, trading as VitalityHealth. VitalityHealth is the trading name of Vitality Corporate Services Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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