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Cover Options

Dental insurance plans with Vitality

Dental Cover is available now for plans starting on or before 31 August 2021. After this date, Dental Cover will be replaced with a new cover option - Optical, Dental and Hearing Cover.

If you include Dental Cover in your plan now, it will change to Optical, Dental and Hearing when your plan renews. Your plan will renew annually.

Set the level of dental cover to suit you

For a more affordable way to maintain good oral health, we offer two levels of dental cover – giving you the flexibility to set just the level of protection you want.


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Major Dental Treatment

Covers you for: crowns; bridges; root canal treatment; extractions; apicectomy; dentures; and emergency dental work after an accident.

Major and Routine Dental Treatment

Offers all the features of Major Dental Treatment, plus routine examinations; scaling and polishing; dental x-rays and fillings.

Whichever option you pick, you're free to choose your own NHS or private dentist. Each option covers you up to the following limits:

Dental Cover Major Dental Treatment Major and Routine Dental Treatment
Routine examinations. Maximum of two claims each plan year
  Up to £30 per claim
Routine scaling and polishing. Maximum of two claims each plan year
  Up to £40 per claim
Dental x-ray. Charges for radiography of teeth or jaws. Maximum of two claims each plan year   Up to £40 per claim
Fillings. Maximum of two claims each plan year   Up to £40 per claim
Crowns: new or replacement Up to £300 Up to £400
Inlays/onlays/overlays: new or replacement
Up to £100
Bridges/implants: new or replacement Up to £200 Up to £300
Root canal treatment Up to £150 Up to £250
Apicectomy Up to £100
Up to £150
Extractions Up to £150
Up to £250 
 Dentures: new or replacement Up to £250 Up to £350
Accidental dental: Charges made by a dental practitioner or specialist for a dental accident. Maximum of four claims each plan year Up to £2,500 per claim
Up to £2,500 per claim
Emergency dental: Charges for immediate relief of severe pain, haemorrhage and/or infection. Maximum of two claims each plan year   Up to £300 per claim
Emergency call-out fees: Maximum of two claims each plan year Up to £50 per claim Up to £50 per claim

Important information

All benefits are per insured member per plan year unless we state otherwise.

To get the Dental Cover option, you need to have had a check-up with your regular dentist and finished any recommended treatment within 12 months before your cover starts. If you haven't done this, then you'll only be covered once you have had a check-up and finished any recommended treatment. Separate terms, conditions and exclusions apply to our Dental Cover.

How to make a claim

  1. Before you claim, make sure that your plan includes Dental Cover and check which level of cover you have. You can check this on the 'My plan' page of the Member Zone. You can also find details on your membership certificate and in your renewal documents. You can find both of these in the 'My messages' section of the Member Zone.
  2. Go for your treatment and pay for it yourself. Make sure you get an invoice or receipt that clearly states:
    your full name, date of birth and postal address
    - your dentist’s name and contact details
    - dates and details for each treatment, including procedure codes where possible
    - how much each treatment costs.
  3. Fill out a Dental Cover claim form and send it with a copy of your invoice or receipt to:

    VitalityHealth Customer Services, Sheffield, S95 1DB

Please note that we have two levels of Dental Cover. Please check your membership certificate, that shows which costs are covered, before making a claim.

If we approve your claim, we’ll settle your bill within 10 working days. We’ll send a message to your secure inbox on the Member Zone to let you know when we’ve paid your claim.

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