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58% of VitalityHealth claims are for everyday care services

16 October 2023

58% of VitalityHealth claims are for everyday care services

Vitality has today announced a significant increase in usage of its ‘Everyday care services’, including Vitality GP, Talking Therapies,

Physiotherapy, and the newly introduced Optical, Dental and Hearing Cover benefits across its members, with claims for these primary care services making up the majority of claims. 

The data, taken from the release of Vitality’s annual Health Claims Report finds: 
- Primary care made up 58% of all claims in 2022, up from 10% in 2015
- There were over 100,000 Vitality GP consultations in 2022, three times more than in 2019, and over 10,000 Vitality GP online consultations a month 
- Over 60% of Vitality GP users are benefitting from referrals to onward clinical services in 2022, including 28% to physiotherapy services, talking therapies and skin analytics, 12% were provided with a prescription and 22% were referred for onward specialist care. 
- Talking therapies accounted for 85% of mental health claims in 2022 
- Physiotherapy claims have increased by over 60% from 2019 to 2022, with members aged between 25 and 39 the most likely to make a physiotherapy claim.

Katie Tryon, Director of Health Strategy, Vitality: “The significant growth we are seeing in claims for these everyday services, shows how integrated and integral to a person’s overall health and wellbeing, Vitality’s health insurance has become. 

Recognising this, we have sought to continually innovate and develop our primary care services, to provide faster access to a broad range of healthcare services, so our members get access to their treatment and support when they need it.

“However, being there for your members is about more than turning up when the worst has happened. It’s about ensuring products deliver real value, being by their side every day and every step of the way, and supporting them to lower their risk of illness. It’s a whole package, prevention and high-quality services, with each one entwined with the other when it comes to our health.”

The data from Vitality ultimately reflects the changing landscape of the healthcare sector, shining a light on the direction PMI will need to follow to ensure its services are meeting the demand and expectations of customers. Consumer attitudes to health insurance are changing. 


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