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Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs

This information was updated on 08 February 2022 and is correct as of that date.

General COVID-19 FAQs

The latest Government advice is to take an antigen (PCR) test if:

  • You have a high temperature
  • A new continuous cough 
  • Any changes to your sense of smell or taste.
You can request a test through the NHS website. 

If you think you've had COVID-19 and you want to know if you've had the infection, you can buy an antibody test.

If you don't have symptoms but want to check if you have the virus, you can take a lateral flow test. These can be ordered from the NHS website, and you can do the test at home.

The NHS offers COVID-19 testing for everyone over five years of age. In some instances you could obtain a test from an approved private provider. There are three types of test for COVID-19:  

  1. PCR test – this tests for the presence of COVID-19, from a nasal or throat swab, or saliva. It can identify if you have the virus, even if you’re feeling well and not displaying any symptoms. These are the tests that the NHS is providing to anyone over the age of five with symptoms.
  2. Regular rapid tests – also known as lateral flow tests, these also test for the presence of COVID-19. They function a bit like a home pregnancy test, and can give results in under 30 minutes without needing to be sent to a lab. They are not as accurate as the PCR test and are intended to be used regularly by people without symptoms to check they remain COVID-free. They are available to anyone in England for collection from a local pharmacy. 
  3. Antibody test – this is a blood test that can tell if you've had COVID-19 before or been vaccinated. The test detects your body's response to the virus or vaccination but cannot tell you if you currently have COVID-19.
Whilst most available tests have good accuracy rates, they do vary. You should check with the provider of the test how accurate it is.
PCR and Regular rapid tests (antigen tests):

What does a positive lateral flow test mean? What do I need to do?
If you have a positive lateral flow test, it is likely that you have COVID-19. You should self-isolate and get a PCR test as soon as possible to confirm the result. Please check the latest advice on the NHS website 

What does a positive PCR mean? What do I need to do?
If your antigen test is 'positive', you will need so isolate straight away to avoid spreading the infection to other people. Being positive for COVID-19 does not mean that you will need hospital care. Treatment will vary depending on how unwell you are. In most cases, people with the virus recover from their symptoms at home.

What does a positive antibody test mean?
A 'positive' antibody test  means that you have had an immune response to COVID-19, which could be due to previous infection or it could be a result of vaccination. It doesn’t guarantee that you are unable to catch the virus again. So if you are unwell, we recommend that you read the advice on the NHS website.
We have a range of options available if you have affordability concerns. It's important to keep your cover in place so you’re covered in the future.

We understand that some of our individual and small business customers may be struggling. We have options in place to help with this.

 For more information, contact our:
• Health insurance team on 0345 602 3351
• Life insurance team on 0345 273 9961.
No. The vaccine is not currently available privately. The vaccine is being distributed through the public health system. The priority for the vaccine is determined by the Government. It's based on advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI).

If you have Vitality health insurance

Vitality health insurance members can buy a discounted antigen or antibody test through Member Zone. They’re available on the following plans: 
  • Personal health insurance
  • Business health insurance 
  • Corporate healthcare
  • Vitality at Work.
You’ll need to cover the cost of the discounted test.

If you have a Personal Health Fund, you can use it to claim back the cost of your discounted COVID-19 test. 

If you request a COVID-19 test, it does not count as a claim. This means it will not impact the calculation of your renewal premium.

You can get a discounted test from Doctors Clinic Group and DocTap if you have an eligible health plan. You can book one of the following tests through Member Zone.

Click here to book a COVID test with Doctors Clinic Group or Doc Tap

Whilst most tests have good accuracy rates, they do vary. You should check with the provider of the test how accurate it is.
Yes, you can. But if you are experiencing any cold, cough, flu or COVID-19 symptoms you should order a home only test and not attend the clinic in person.

If you have Vitality life insurance

If you pass away from COVID-19, or complications from the virus, a claim will be paid. This is as per the terms of your life insurance plan.
Serious illness cover does not cover viruses such as COVID-19 specifically. Where the virus goes on to cause a serious illness as covered by the plan, you would be eligible to claim.
If you can't work because you're sick with COVID-19, you can make a claim. Check the terms and conditions of your plan for more details.

But you won't be able to claim if your workplace closes or it can't operate due to social distancing.
Under the latest UK Government guidance Vitality nurses can still operate. Services are subject to the adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) protocols that we have in place.

For each face-to-face interview Vitality Nurses will reduce any risks with PPE and pre-screening scripts.

If you have a Vitality investment plan

You can manage your Invest plan online through the Member Zone where you are able to:

  • View your plan
  • View and manage your plan documents
  • Change your fund choice
  • Stop, start or change regular monthly payments
Log in here

Alternatively, you could speak to your financial adviser to manage your invest plan on your behalf.
Before making any decisions about your investments, make sure that you’ve got all the information first. Then you can give it careful consideration. A financial adviser will have expertise in this area and will be able to help you make these decisions.
If you need help with your invest plan, speak to an authorised financial adviser. You can find one at
No, unfortunately we don’t offer any advice to customers. You’ll need to speak to your financial adviser if you have one, alternatively you can find one at
You can send your documents to us securely at or you can upload your documents by logging into your invest plan on the Member Zone. You can find this by navigating to 'Document' under your plan. You will find the 'Upload Documents' section under the graph for investment performance.

You can send us an email on We’d also be happy to speak to you, so to make sure you get through to the right person please use the correct number below:

New investment enquiries 0808 250 8795

Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm
Saturday – Sunday: Closed

Existing members customer services enquiries 0333 9960 400*

Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm
Saturday – Sunday: Closed

*Calls to ‘03’ numbers cost no more than a national rate call to an 01 or 02 number, whether from a mobile or landline. If you get inclusive ‘free’ calls to local rate numbers with your landline or mobile tariff, calls to a ‘03' number will be included. If you are calling from overseas, please dial +44 (0)208 161 9556. This call will be charged at your phone provider’s standard rate.

  • Account name: Vitality Life Limited – Vitality Invest Client Receipts Acc
  • Sort Code: 40 02 50
  • Account number: 11357190
  • Payment reference: Plan number starting with 8000 or your Vitality Membership number.
If you'd like to open a Vitality Stocks and Shares ISA or Junior ISA you can do this online or through finding a financial adviser.

If you have Vitality Worldwide Travel Cover

You can make a claim if:
  • You booked a trip before the pandemic; and
  • It was cancelled because of it; and
  • You're not entitled to a refund from your travel provider.
If you book a trip after 17 March 2020, then you won't be covered if the trip later has to be cancelled due to COVID-19. This is because your plan covers unexpected events. The likelihood of your travel being disrupted due to COVID-19 would be known when you book.

If you fall ill abroad with COVID-19 we'll cover your medical expenses. But if the UK Government is advising against all travel (or all but essential travel) to your destination on the day you leave the UK, you won't be covered.
If you booked a trip on or after 17 March 2020 and it's cancelled or cut short due to COVID-19, you won't be covered for:
  • Unused travel costs
  • Unused accommodation costs
  • Costs of making alternative travel arrangements.
No, because the advice of the UK Government could change. If you cancel your trip before it's clear whether it’s going ahead, you may not get a full refund from your travel provider.
Yes, the advice applies to all residents of the UK. If the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) advises against travel at the time of departure, you won't be covered
 If, due to local restrictions, your accommodation isn't open, they should give you a full refund. But you can contact us to make a claim if:
  • The trip was booked before 17 March 2020; and
  • The FCDO is advising against travel to your destination; and
  • Your accommodation is open.
You won't be covered for any trip you book now that is later cancelled due to COVID-19. You will be covered under the other sections of the plan though. This is as long as the FCDO isn’t advising against travel to your destination on the date your trip starts.
If the travel provider compensates you, we will deduct that amount from the amount we pay you. If we pay a claim we reserve the right to recover costs from your provider.

Get in touch with us if you receive a refund from your travel provider as you may need to return some of it to us.
No, even if your travel is essential, you won't be covered if the FCDO is advising against all travel (or all but essential travel) to your destination.

Partners and rewards

Vitality Healthchecks are now done over video. When you book an appointment, we'll send you a health testing kit. You can book one here, in Member Zone.
Now lockdown restrictions have been eased, our partners are open as usual.