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Coronavirus (Covid-19) FAQs

This information was updated on Tuesday October 6 at 2.20pm and is correct as of that date.

If you think you have at least one symptom, the latest Government advice is to take an antigen test. You can ask for a test through the NHS website.

If you think you've had Coronavirus and you want proof that you've had the infection, you can buy an antibody test.

If you want to take a Coronavirus test, it's best to get advice from your GP.

Members with an eligible Personal Healthcare, Business Healthcare, Corporate Healthcare and Vitality at Work (Business and Enterprise) plan can access our Covid-19 testing benefit. Both types of tests are available.

You can choose where you want to be tested through DocTap, our face-to-face GP provider. They conduct the test, provide the results and offer additional support. DocTap has 10 clinics in London - Victoria, Bank, Bond Street, High Street Kensington, Canary Wharf, Camden, Clapham Junction, Kings Cross, Hammersmith, and Liverpool Street. If you live outside of London, you can have a remote consultation to arrange for a Covid-19 PCR swab test to be sent to your home.
DocTap is offering a discounted rate to VitalityHealth members with an eligible plan. You can book both tests and face-to-face GP appointments through the Member Zone.
Test type Description   Cost
 Covid-19 Antibody Testing (face-to-face)  The GP will advise on the most appropriate antibody test for you.
• SureScreen IgG/IgM Rapid Antibody Tests – you will have a result within 10 minutes.
• Abbott IgG Antibody Test – your results will be expected in two to three days.
Face-to-face consultation fee - £20

SureScreen IgG/IgM Rapid Antibody Tests - £18

Abbott IgG Antibody Test - £45
 PCR Antigen Swab Test (with consultation)  The PCR test will be sent to your address, with results expected in five to seven days.  £119
 Fitness to Travel PCR Antigen Swab Test (no consultation)  You can take a PCR self-swab by DocTap's partner laboratory at either Oxford Street or Kings Cross. There is no consultation required and the test is £100. Results and a fit to travel certificate will typically be emailed to you within two to three days.  £100

Taking one of the tests will not affect your benefit limits. Appointments are available as one of your private face-to-face GP consultations you have access to each plan year. You can claim the fees for the tests as part of your Personal Health Fund if you’re on a Business Healthcare or Corporate Healthcare plan, and you have this benefit. You can also pay for them in full.
DocTap’s gold standard antibody test is the Public Health England approved Abbott antibody test. The test has shown a specificity of 100% and sensitivity of 97.5% to SARS-CoV-2.
No instant antibody test has been endorsed by Public Health England. But there is substantial evidence that these tests can be effective at testing for previous infection. 

DocTap uses the SureScreen test, which has been evaluated and endorsed by St Thomas's Hospital in London. Initial trials of SureScreen have suggested a high level of accuracy.

The Covid-19 PCR Home Swab test kit includes everything you need to take the swab and return it for analysis.
Vitality is operating normal service hours and you can contact us in the usual ways. We additionally have robust business continuity plans in place if the situation changes.
Vitality is closely monitoring the situation as it develops, and is working to provide support where possible to our members.

Our GP Advice Line is available to all members who have clinical concerns about Coronavirus. Full details on how to access it can be found in Member Zone.

If you have Vitality health insurance

If you need to speak to someone, follow the latest government advice on the NHS website. Please note that health insurance in the UK does not cover urgent or emergency care.

Vitality health insurance members who need to go to hospital due to Covid-19, can now get a cash benefit.

All Vitality health insurance members hospitalised due to Covid-19, are eligible to claim:

• Days 1 to 8 – £250 per day
• Day 9 onwards - £500 per day

A person with a stay lasting nine days or more, is more likely to need critical care for Covid-19. This is based on the latest evidence and research. This is subject to a maximum of £5,000 in total.

The cash benefit is now available to all current members who have a:
• Personal Healthcare plan
• Business Healthcare plan
• Corporate Healthcare plan

It is available for any admissions up to 31 December 2020 and new customers subject to a one-month waiting period.
Many private healthcare services and treatments have continued to be available during the last few months. This includes urgent treatment and remote healthcare services. Elective and non-urgent treatment has now been able to resume.

For our members who wish to register a new claim, you can now do so in the usual ways:

• Our claims pathway, including primary care services and Vitality GP
• Member Care team and online Care Hub

Waiting times are currently in line with our normal service levels.
Where treatment needs to be delayed, we will register the claim and cover this treatment as soon as private capacity becomes available.
Where urgent treatment is required and carried out through the NHS, you would benefit from VitalityHealth NHS Hospital Cash benefit.
During the peak phase of the pandemic, the majority of elective and non-urgent care was postponed. It has now begun to resume. If you are waiting for treatment, we’ll let you know your options. If you have any questions, contact our Member Care team.
We understand you may be having financial difficulties at this time and have a number of structures in place to help. To discuss these options, contact our customer services team on 0345 602 3523.

Vitality life insurance

Should you pass away as a result of Coronavirus, or complications from the virus, a claim will be paid, as per the terms of your life insurance plan.
Serious Illness Cover (SIC) does not cover viruses such as Coronavirus specifically. Where the virus goes on to cause a Serious Illness as covered by the plan, you would be eligible to claim.
You can make a claim if you are unable to work due to having Coronavirus. This includes situations where medical quarantine is imposed by a doctor for Coronavirus, and where you are unable to perform your work duties whilst in quarantine. A claim can be made in line with the expiry of the deferred period, which will be detailed in the terms and conditions of your plan. You will not be eligible to claim on your Income Protection plan in the event that your work closes, or where you are unable to work due to social distancing or shutdowns in the general economy.

Vitality investments

You can manage your Invest plan online through the Member Zone where you are able to:
  • View your plan
  • View and manage your plan documents
  • Change your fund choice
  • Stop, start or change regular monthly payments
Log in here.

Alternatively, you could speak to your financial adviser to manage your invest plan on your behalf.
We know you might be anxious about your investment right now, and that’s understandable. We’re working closely with our fund managers and partners to ensure that our Vitality funds are performing in line with their objectives.

It is important to remember that investing in equity and bond based funds is a medium to long term commitment, and fund values can go down as well as up. The recent market volatility due to the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly been extraordinary, but similar large market shocks have been seen in the past. Our funds have been designed with certain controls in asset allocation and stock choice to reduce the negative effect of falling markets.

All our Vitality funds are designed with medium to longer term investment timeframes in mind. So while we expect the current situation to impact values in the shorter term, we also expect that over the medium to longer term the market will have the opportunity to recover.

If you have a financial adviser, it would be best to speak with them if you have any questions or concerns.
Your investment needs in the immediate future and over the longer term will be unique to you. Before making any decisions about your savings and investments you should make sure that you’ve obtained all the relevant information first so that you can give it careful consideration. A financial adviser will have expertise in this area and will be able to help you make these decisions.
If you need help with your invest plan, speak to an authorised financial adviser. You can find one at
No, unfortunately we don’t offer any advice to customers. You’ll need to speak to your financial adviser if you have one, alternatively you can find one at
You can send your documents to us securely at or you can upload your documents by logging into your invest plan on the Member Zone. You can find this by navigating to ‘Document’ under your plan. You will find the ‘Upload Documents’ section under the graph for investment performance.
You can send us an email on We’d also be happy to speak to you, so to make sure you get through to the right person please use the correct number below:

New investment enquiries 0808 250 8795
Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm
Saturday – Sunday: Closed

Existing members customer services enquiries 0333 9960 400*
Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm
Saturday – Sunday: Closed

*Calls to ‘03’ numbers cost no more than a national rate call to an 01 or 02 number, whether from a mobile or landline. If you get inclusive ‘free’ calls to local rate numbers with your landline or mobile tariff, calls to a ‘03' number will be included. If you are calling from overseas, please dial +44 (0)208 161 9556. This call will be charged at your phone provider’s standard rate.
  • HSBC
  • Account name: Vitality Life Limited – Vitality Invest Client Receipts Acc
  • Sort Code: 40 02 50
  • Account number: 11357190
  • Payment reference: Plan number starting with 8000 or your Vitality Membership number
    You can open a VitalityInvest Retirement Plan through your financial adviser. If you don’t have a financial adviser you can find one using
    If you’d like to open a Vitality Stocks and Shares ISA or Junior ISA you can do this online or through finding a financial adviser.

    Vitality Worldwide Travel Cover

    In March 2020, we suspended sales of our Worldwide Travel Cover. We are now lifting this suspension from 1 September 2020. Existing plans can add one of these options at their renewal date on or after this date.

    There are restrictions on ‘Cancelling the trip and cutting it short’. This is for trips that need to be cancelled, cut short or changed as a result of Covid-19.
    If you've booked a trip somewhere the FCO have advised against travelling to, your plan won't cover the cost of cancelling the trip.
    First look to recoup the costs from the flight and accommodation providers. If your flight's cancelled or your accommodation isn't available, the provider is required to refund you.

    If you can’t get refunded and you’ve booked your trip using a credit card, you may be able to claim under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

    If the FCO are advising on all but essential travel to your destination, you can claim:

    • if your flight is still flying
    • or the accommodation at your destination is still available.

    This is subject to the terms and conditions of the plan.
    If you're admitted to hospital abroad, you and any insured dependants (an “insured member”), are covered up to £10m. This is as long as you follow the latest UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice. But:

    • If, when you go, the FCO are advising against all travel to the destination, you will not be covered

    • If, when you go, the FCO are advising against all but essential travel to the destination, you will not be covered. If you believe the circumstances are exceptional, then you should contact us. Whether we agree to cover you will be at our discretion

    • If the FCO advice changes during the trip, you will be covered until you return to the UK.
    The purpose of the plan is to protect you against unforeseen events. There will continue to be travel disruptions, so we won’t cover ‘Cancelling the trip or cutting it short’. This is for any trips booked on or after Tuesday 17 March 2020 affected by Covid-19.

    Any bookings you’ve already made will be covered. We will continue to provide overseas medical expenses cover on any trip. This is subject to the guidance outlined above. Once the situation has stabilised, we’ll get back in touch with any updates we have.

    If your Worldwide Travel plan began on or after 1 September 2020, then you may not be covered for ‘Cancelling the trip or cutting it short’. Check your membership certificate for details.
    No. The outlook is changing and it's not known when the advice of the FCO may change. You should not cancel your future trips at this point, as you may still be able to travel. If you do cancel your trip before it's clear whether it can go ahead, you might not receive a full refund. You will not be able to claim under your Worldwide Travel plan.
    Yes. The advice applies to all residents of the UK. If the FCO advised against travel at the time of departure, we won't cover trips to those destinations.
    We won’t cover you for medical expenses or losses if you travel somewhere the FCO has advised against going to. Contact us if you believe your circumstances are exceptional.
    If, due to local restrictions, your accommodation isn't open, they should give you a full refund. If they're still open for guests but the FCO have advised against travel, register a claim with us.
    You won't be covered for any trip you book now that is later cancelled. You will however be covered providing the FCO is not advising against travel when you leave.
    You can register a claim with us if your accommodation is still open but you need to return home. This is only if they won't refund you.
    If the FCO advice is to return to the UK as soon as possible, we expect you to make arrangements to cut short your trip. You should apply to your airline provider to arrange an earlier flight back to the UK. If your original flight cost is different to your new flight, register a claim with us. If you are having difficulty returning to the UK, contact us. If the FCO advice is to return as soon as possible, and you make no attempt to return, you won’t be covered under your plan.
    If the FCO advice is to return to the UK while you're away, we'll refund you the difference of the new flight.

    This can be with the same airline or a different one, providing it is a scheduled flight with the same fare type. If it is impossible for you to return to the UK on a commercial flight, get in contact with us. Check if the FCO is arranging repatriation flights back to the UK from your destination.
    If the travel provider compensates you, we will deduct that amount from the amount we pay you. If we pay a claim we reserve the right to recover costs from your provider.

    Get in touch with us if you receive a refund from your travel provider as you may need to return some of it to us.

    Partners and rewards

    You’ll be able to stay active and earn Vitality points through both steps and heart-rate activity, helped also by the new Vitality at Home benefits available to you. 

    However, to further support you during these unprecedented times, we introduced a Vitality status guarantee.

    If your plan renewed between 6 April and 30 June 2020, we will take either your previous plan year’s Vitality status, or your current year’s Vitality status, whichever is the highest. Any Vitality Healthcheck measurement which was in a healthy range (green zone) in your previous plan year, will remain valid for your current plan year. For life insurance members, this includes Vitality Healthcheck results used for setting your Wellness Status or in calculating your cashback for the year. 
    Vitality Healthcheck at home were available from mid-April 2020. A Vitality Healthcheck will be carried out through a ‘virtual’ appointment with a nurse, and using a health kit sent to you when you book an appointment.
    Our partners are closely monitoring the situation as it changes and are reacting to this as required. Below is a list with the latest information.
    Allen Carr Stop Smoking Programme sessions have now moved online. Please contact Allen Carr for more information.
    If you think you have Coronavirus, have travelled through a high risk country in the last 14 days or have been in contact with someone who thinks they might have Coronavirus, please do not attend your health screening. Please contact Bluecrest to rebook your appointment.
    You can now redeem your drinks at any reopened Caffè Nero store. 
    Champneys will be reopening their resorts soon. However, as a result of Covid-19 regulations, there’s no availability for new Vitality bookings before January 2021. Read their updated announcement. If you have an existing booking you wish to change, please contact Champney directly.
    Cineworld will be closed until further notice. Go to their website for more information. 
    David Lloyd Clubs are now open. You can read about their new normal on their website.
    Disney Stores on the high-street are now temporarily closed. You can read their update here. You can still use your Healthy Kids reward vouchers online at shopDisney.
    Mr & Mrs Smith have issued their own Coronavirus update. If you have any questions or concerns about an existing or potential booking, you can contact Mr & Mrs Smith 24 hours a day, seven days a week at
    Nuffield Health & Wellbeing Clubs are now open. You can read about their reopening on their website.
    All parkrun events across the UK are currently suspended due to Coronavirus. Please check parkrun’s website for more information.
    Some Runners Need high-street stores are now open. Read their latest coronavirus update. You can still buy discounted sports shoes from their online store.
    SuperCarers have put together some Coronavirus FAQs if you have any questions about carers. 

    Virgin Active are now open. You can read about their reopening journey on their website.
    We are not currently accepting new Vitality Healthcheck bookings, but you can have one at home.
    Vue cinemas in England will reopen from 14 August 2020. Dates for cinemas in Scotland and Wales will follow.
    Please continue to use or the Waitrose & Partners app for the latest delivery information.
    WW have decided to transition their in-person Workshops to virtual Workshops until further notice. WW have issued their own Coronavirus update, so you can check their website for their latest information. 

    All other partners are reporting no impacts to their service.