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Consultant Select

The right medical expert. Chosen by the medical experts.

Consultant Select – included in our Core Cover – gives you complete peace-of-mind, because it lets doctors decide who should treat you – instead of an insurer.

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How it works

When you need a referral, we leave our expert medical partners Alliance Health Group– an independent doctor-owned organisation – to choose the best consultant for you, based entirely on your medical needs.



The panel of consultants are all independently selected and regularly audited to ensure they always offer the highest standards of care.


More convenient

You can get a referral via the Vitality GP app or your NHS GP, meaning you can choose the quickest and easiest route for you.


Peace of mind

With the Vitality Patient Charter, you have the right to change consultant within The Panel, if you’re not happy. We’ll also help elevate any serious clinical concerns to The Panel.


Guaranteed high-quality care

Alliance Health Group reviews every consultant on their list, using a panel of medical peers. If they meet their rigorous quality standards, they also endorse them with the statement: ‘I would recommend this consultant to treat my family’.


Fully protected by the Vitality Patient Charter

This is our set of quality-assurance principles which say:

  1. The chosen consultant has been quality-assured through a consultant peer review process.
  2. You will have the right to switch to another Panel-approved consultant if you are not happy with the original named consultant – this will have no negative impact on your benefit limits.
  3. The Panel will help you find the right consultant for you quickly and conveniently. Excluding exceptional circumstances, no member will wait longer than 10 days, or travel more than 40 minutes - and much shorter in most instances - for a consultation.
  4. If your condition is deemed high risk, our Urgent Care Pathway will ensure that you are seen as quickly as is clinically necessary. 
  5. We will support you in investigating and where appropriate escalating any clinical concerns to the Panel.

Additional guarantees:

  • The Vitality Consultant Guarantee – as with all other VitalityHealth products, you will not experience any shortfalls on fees from the treating consultant, through our Full Cover Promise. 
  • Out-patient benefit protection – for follow-up consultations which follow within 28 days of a procedure carried out through the Consultant Select pathway, there will be no deduction from your Out-patient Cover benefit. 
  • The Vitality Service Guarantee - if you are not satisfied with the service provided, you can escalate your concern to Vitality directly, either through our normal contact channels or by emailing us at

Consultant Select FAQs

Here are a few of the questions we’ve answered for our members

Can I choose what hospital I'm treated at?

The consultant will choose the most appropriate hospital for you to be treated in, based on your condition and where you live. However, if you would like more choice over where you are treated, you can choose to add a hospital list to your plan.

How do I claim with Consultant Select?

There are two ways to make a claim. You can use the Vitality GP app and - providing they can diagnose on the call – the Vitality GP will arrange an onward referral for you. Then you’ll get a call from Alliance Health Group to arrange all the details. Or you can visit your NHS GP and ask for an ‘open referral’. Then contact VitalityHealth and we’ll speak to Alliance Health Group. You’ll then get a call from Alliance Health Group to arrange all the details.

How quickly can I access care?

Whether you’re referred by a Vitality GP, submit a claim online or over the phone, an Alliance Health Group adviser will receive your details as soon as your claim has been approved. They’ll usually contact you the next working day or sooner.

Is Consultant Select included in Core Cover?

Yes, every VitalityHealth plan comes with Consultant Select as standard, except members with Vitality Essentials as a part of a Business Healthcare plan.

What exceptional circumstances may impact my wait/travel time for a consultation?

The Consultant select Panel covers virtually all specialties of medicine and surgery. Occasionally, there may be instances for rural locations, or for cases which require especially complex or specialist care (typically at sub-specialty level), when a member may wait or travel slightly longer for a consultation. These locations include the far South West and North East of England, and parts of Wales, Scotland and the Lake District. Please contact VitalityHealth directly if you have any questions about coverage in your area.

If a Panel consultant is not available, for any reason, we will help you find a consultant from our broader base of over 20,000 recognised consultants.

Who are Alliance Health Group?

They’re the biggest national group of UK consultants in private practice, all reviewed and audited by their peers. They also undergo customer satisfaction assessments, so you can be sure of getting the highest standards of care.

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