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Health insurance for diabetics

Almost five million people have been diagnosed with diabetes in the UK. If you have diabetes, it’s likely to affect your health insurance application. In this guide, you’ll learn about health insurance for diabetics. 

Can you get health insurance if you have diabetes?

Yes, you can get health insurance if you have diabetes. But you should be aware of what will and won’t be covered. If you’ve already been diagnosed with diabetes, the insurer will see this as a pre-existing condition. That means they’re very unlikely to pay for any treatments related to the illness itself. Insurers are still happy to provide plans to people with diabetes. They just won’t cover diabetes-related treatments.

For example, if you suffer injuries from a fall, you could still use your health insurance to pay for treatment. This is because the injury would have nothing to do
with your diabetes. In the UK, the NHS provides treatment for people with diabetes. So, you could receive treatment this way for free. You’d then have extra care for other illnesses paid for through your health insurance.

What's included in a health insurance plan for diabetics?

The cover you receive within a health insurance plan if you’re diabetic is often the same as those who don’t have it. You will receive cover for a wide variety of
conditions and illnesses. Depending on your needs and the insurers offering, you could add the following:
  • Core cover pays out for hospital treatments and may cover GP consultations too. Basic cancer cover is also usually provided
  • Cancer cover helps to pay for a variety of specialist treatments. It can also pay for wigs, mastectomies, nursing and more
  • Cover for mental health can help pay for treatments such as cognitive behaviour therapy, counselling or other out-patient, in-patient and day-patient treatments
  • Optical, dental and hearing insurance covers expenses to help you look after your eyesight, teeth, and hearing
  • Travel insurance can be taken out on its own or be added to your core cover. It helps pay for medical treatment abroad.
If you’re thinking about medical insurance for diabetics, it’s always worth checking the policy documents. If you’re not sure about something, speak to the insurer directly. 

Is medical insurance for diabetics more expensive?

Health insurance for diabetics can be more expensive than for other people, but not always. This is because people with diabetes have a higher risk of experiencing health problems. Different insurers will have different policies. Many insurers exclude diabetes from their policies altogether. That means the price would be the same for those who have no pre-existing conditions.

If you do have diabetes, make sure you inform the insurer when applying. They might use this information to calculate your premiums. If you don’t tell them about it, your claim could be declined. But there are a few things you can do to reduce the amount you pay. You could agree to pay a higher excess or get a no claims discount. If you can prove you’re managing the condition, this might also reduce your premiums. 

How to apply for health insurance when you have diabetes

Once you’ve found a policy that suits you, you can apply for health insurance online or over the phone. Because diabetes is seen as a pre-existing condition, you might have to speak to the insurer about your quote and personal circumstances.

There are two types of health insurance:

• Full medical underwriting means you tell the insurer in detail about any pre-existing conditions you have. Including your diabetes. These may then be excluded from your policy.

• Moratorium underwriting means you don’t provide the insurer with any extra medical information. But if you ever need to make a claim within a set time period of the cover beginning, they’ll ask to see your medical records. If the illness you’re claiming for is seen as pre-existing, you might not get a payout. 

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