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Vitality Unveils Cutting-Edge Digital Health Enhancements alongside its 2023 Health Claims Report

London, 19 October 2023
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Vitality has today announced a number of enhancements to further streamline its digital journeys for both members and advisers and increase the efficiency and speed that diagnostics and treatment are delivered. All enhancements will be available by the end of the year.

Vitality also demonstrated how it is using data, digital pathways and technology to speed up and improve what can be a disjointed patient journey. By integrating Vitality GP, to Care Hub*, members can see a GP, receive an immediate referral, and then find and book all their onward care with a consultant. This all takes place within minutes, through a seamless mobile experience.

Details of the enhancements:

Digital underwriting: Vitality will offer automated underwriting for personal health insurance policies later this year. The business is working to transform the underwriting experience for Personal Healthcare (PHC) applications – making it easier for clients to go through full medical underwriting.

The enhancement will provide clarity over what conditions are covered and enhance the claims experience by reducing the need for eligibility checks at point of claim.

Digital cancer risk assessment: An online cancer risk assessment for all health insurance members will be available from 19 October. Provided by Vitality partner, Check4Cancer, and accessible through the Care Hub, the assessment takes the form of a comprehensive questionnaire that will analyse and flag the potential risks of a member for developing any of the five common cancer conditions: Bowel, Breast, Cervical, Prostate, and Skin.

Members will receive the results of the assessment and be guided to any next steps, including discounted screening, where needed.

Virtual physiotherapy services: Following a 7% rise in physiotherapy claims in 2022, Vitality will give its members access to 24/7 support and services through the Ascenti Reach app***, alongside the six annual sessions included as part of their cover.

Through the app, members will be able to access a personalised exercise plan, daily reminders, progress tracking, and the ability to message a physiotherapist at any time.

Digital self-referral to Vitality skin analytics service: While members have had access to skin analytics since 2015, a new update, available later this year, will enable them to self-refer through Care Hub to this service to review a mole or skin lesion. Members will submit photos of a skin concern using a dermascope camera, which is conveniently sent via post. The image is then assessed by a consultant dermatologist.

The service, previously available through a different referral process, provides immediate assurance in many cases (60%, Vitality Health Claims data, 2022) with the rest were referred to a dermatologist.

Dr Keith Klintworth, Managing Director of VitalityHealth, said: “We know people are using our products and services differently, with consumers wanting to be more in control of their care and have access to on-demand services.

“By continuing to innovate and further embed technology into our processes and the services we provide, we are able to improve the patient journey, speed up access and significantly enhance the customer experience, all of which are key motivators for purchasing health insurance.

“The enhancements announced today, will make a big difference to our members, delivering healthcare into the palm of their hand.”

Alongside these updates, the business has also published its annual Health Claims Insights Report, which highlighted how its members are interacting digitally with the insurer.  


Notes to editors
Care Hub: Care Hub is an online space that provides a fully digital way for members to make or manage an ongoing claim.

** Premier consultant: To help adviser clients choose the most appropriate consultant, Vitality created a panel of high performing consultants, referred to as Premier Consultants. Vitality assessed consultants on a 400 data points across treatment outcomes, clinical practice measures, and treatment efficiency. The highest performing consultants were invited to become Vitality Premier Consultants.

*** Ascenti: All Vitality health members have exclusive access to discounted treatment with Ascenti, the leading provider of physiotherapy in the UK, including use of the Ascenti Reach app. The app empowers patients to take control of their health and rehabilitation from the comfort of their home.