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Britain's healthiest places to work revealed

29 January 2024

Britain's healthiest places to work revealed

Arqiva, Novo Nordisk and Strativ Group Ltd have been named by Vitality’s Britain’s Healthiest Workplace (BHW) 2023 survey as the healthiest places to work in Britain.  

The communications company, pharmaceutical company and global recruitment agency were awarded first place in the large, medium and small-sized company divisions, respectively.  

The annual Vitality Britain’s Healthiest Workplace study has been developed by next generation insurer, Vitality, in partnership with Rand Europe, Aon, the University of Cambridge and the Financial Times. It enables companies to build an accurate picture of their employees’ health and wellbeing, while mapping the issues specific to their workforce, so they can confidently implement improvement strategies to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees.  

Using the data from the survey, Vitality calculates a score for every organisation based on several areas including work environment and culture, employee health and business outcomes such as productivity. The organisations with the highest scores are deemed the winner within their own category.  

All those who have taken part receive a personalised report with recommendations specific to their business, including feedback from their employees. Using the results of targeted question-sets, the report will provide employers with insight into their employee’s lifestyle, physical and mental health, and an understanding of how their workplace has impacted them. These findings help enable participating businesses to assess the impact its culture and environment has on the health and wellbeing of its workforce, as well as showcasing how this in affects engagement and productivity.  

Neville Koopowitz, CEO of Vitality, said: “Year after year, this survey has shone a light on how the culture we foster in our offices and the community we build with our colleagues impacts our health, wellbeing, and productivity. By providing employers with a unique analysis and the information they need to influence and support their employees’ health and wellbeing, helps them to bring about meaningful change.

“A huge congratulations to Arqiva, Novo Nordisk and Strativ Group Ltd, who have won this year’s awards for Britain’s Healthiest Workplace. Each of them is an inspiration, and a clear example of how companies can support their employees to live longer and healthier lives regardless of their size and industry.”  

Colin Barnes, Director, UK Health Solutions at Aon, said: “Congratulations to the winners.  At a time of significant volatility, having a clear focus and strategy on the wellbeing of your colleagues continues to be a board level priority.  There clearly remain challenges around key health risks such as obesity, alcohol consumption, lack of activity and mental health. However, organisations that listen carefully, communicate in a modern and personalised way, use data to monitor progress, educate line managers and have senior leadership support, can have a strong influence on employee wellbeing

“Not only can a well-executed wellbeing strategy form an essential part of an employee value proposition, but it can also support the employer in maintaining productivity and mitigate ever increasing medical inflation as well as the cost of providing health, protection and wellbeing benefits.”

Shuja Khan, CEO, Arqiva, said: “I'm incredibly pleased, and immensely proud, that we have won this award. We work every day to support our people with their mental and physical wellbeing so that they can be the very best version of themselves at work - focusing on the whole person, so that they still have time and energy to enjoy a full life outside of work too."

Sarah Bowyer, Senior Director of People & Organisation at Novo Nordisk UK, commented: “I’m so proud Novo Nordisk UK has been named Britain's Healthiest Workplace. Helping our people feel happier and healthier takes consistent care, effort and focus, so we have got to keep listening, measuring and moving forward to ensure that this remains a core pillar of who we are. Surveys like Britain’s Healthiest Workplace give us the insight to help us to continue to invest in our employees’ wellbeing and be a more productive workplace.” 

Megan Kelly, HR Business Partner, at Strativ Group Ltd, said: “Health and wellbeing have always been at the forefront of our culture. It started with the basic element of Trust, empowering our employees with fully flexible working and unlimited holidays. The freedom to manage their own lifestyles if they are performing to highest of their abilities, has proved to cultivate a workforce of highly engaged, highly competitive individuals who view health and wellbeing as the key to their success. To come 1st in our category for Britain's Healthiest Workplace is amazing!  This recognition demonstrates that each initiative and intervention we have in place, no matter how big or small, are having a positive impact on our people and that is what matters.”  


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