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Vitality’s prioritisation of talking therapies sees a 69% decrease for in-patient mental health claims

27 June 2024

Talking therapies can reduce onward in-patient appointments

Ahead of the release of its 2024 Health Claims and Insights Report, Vitality has revealed that it saw a 179% increase in member use of talking therapies since 2019.  

While talking therapy claims have increased, Vitality claims data also found a positive correlation regarding the impact interventions such as talking therapies have on the development of more serious mental health conditions that may require hospitalisation. In fact, during the same time period, there was a 69% decrease in more serious inpatient mental health claims.  

As bodies like the ABI report a 140%* increase in mental health appointments across the market, this new data from Vitality is the first from the insurance industry to demonstrate that earlier access to talking therapies can reduce onward in-patient appointments. 

With the provider having announced earlier this year that employees at risk of depression lose 151% more productive days than those not at risk**, it is critical that insurers and employers take action to prioritise access to high-quality and easily accessible mental health support.  

Keith Klintworth, Managing Director of Vitality Health said “Vitality has long believed in the importance of prevention and early intervention to improve our members physical and mental health, and to reduce the long-term burden of ill-health on insurers and the NHS.     

“This is just as true for our mental health as for physical health, and this data highlights the powerful role that talking therapy services can have in delivering faster access to care, which has a positive knock-on impact in reducing the need for more intensive in-patient care.”  
Notes to Editors  
**Britain’s Healthiest Workplace 

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