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Vitality announces that while everyday care claims rates quadrupled since 2019, more serious claims are on the decline

17 June 2024

Everyday care claims increase while serious claims decline

Ahead of its 2024 Health Claims and Insights Report, Vitality has announced everyday care claims* made up two-thirds (64%) of all Vitality Health claims. These include claims for virtual GP services, physiotherapy, Talking Therapies and optical, dental and hearing claims.  

The provider also revealed a 326% increase in claims rates for Vitality GP and a 282% increase in claims rates for all everyday care, since 2019, showing the growth in demand for primary care over the past five years. 

Vitality became the first insurer to embed everyday care into its cover, launching the virtual GP app back in 2015, to support and prioritise prevention and early intervention, reducing the likelihood of costlier and more severe later claims.  

The data highlights the difference this has made to members, with a clear correlation between the increase in primary care usage and a decrease in secondary and tertiary claims. For instance, while Vitality physiotherapy visitation rates increased by a third (35%) between 2019 and 2023, more severe in-patient musculoskeletal claims rates also reduced by a third (31%) in this same period. Vitality also found similar results for its mental health claims and will be publishing a more detailed breakdown shortly. 

These increases in everyday care claims fall in line with data published by the ABI, which reported a 140% increase in mental health appointments and a 27% increase in physiotherapy over three years (2019 and 2022). However, Vitality has been the only insurer to publish evidence of reductions within in-patient claims over the same timeframe. 

Additionally, Vitality revealed that demand for everyday care has proved particularly popular among its younger members, with the majority of those using the Vitality GP app being aged between 30 and 40. However, all age groups continue to grow their use of the tool, as the business reports a 40% increase for those aged 60 and over in the last year.   

Keith Klintworth, VitalityHealth Managing Director said: “Where historically PMI served to supplement the NHS, focusing on secondary and tertiary care, Vitality has always looked for ways to offer much more, from preventative lifestyle support to screening, to access to everyday care services. We work with our members at every step and stage of their health journey to ensure they are living in better health for longer.  

“Ultimately, preventative and everyday healthcare services need to be seen as more than a bolt-on, ancillary service, which is why we have integrated it into our wider healthcare ecosystem. The fact prompt access to everyday care is linked to lower risk of future in-patient care is powerful evidence for the preventative approach we have situated at the heart of our programme.” 


Notes to editors:  

* Everyday care services refers to Vitality GP, Talking Therapies, Physiotherapy, Optical, Dental and Hearing Cover benefits  

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