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 Vitality opens up access to telephone GP service to support members during Coronavirus outbreak

MONDAY 9 MARCH: Vitality has today announced that all their members will now have access to their GP advice telephone line, ensuring they have access to information and clinical support throughout the Coronavirus outbreak. 
Previously only available to health members, life and invest members can now also speak directly with a GP and discuss any symptoms of COVID-19 they think they may have, and raise any concerns or ask questions on Coronavirus. The doctor will also be able to provide clinical guidance and advice on managing the virus, alongside directing members to any NHS support or testing where a member may need it, all in keeping with official UK Government advice on the virus.

All the GPs on the service have received additional training on COVID-19, including testing eligibility, who should be self-isolated and why, the mental and physical impact of self-isolation, and when to admit someone to hospital for more extensive or urgent care. 

Dr Keith Klintworth, Managing Director of VitalityHealth said: “Our Vitality GP advice line is a key feature of our health proposition and we’re pleased to be able to extend this service out to all our members at a time when many will have concerns around their health and Coronavirus. 
“Through our Member Zone our members will now have access to the latest clinical advice and information on the virus, alongside being supported by GPs if they require additional advice”

Members will be able to access the service through the Vitality Member Zone, where it will be open seven days a week and 24 hours a day. VitalityHealth has offered a doctor advice line to its members for over a decade, with its popularity and usage growing consistently year on year.  

The Vitality Member Zone will also be kept up to date with the latest information available on COVID-19 and direction to NHS services as appropriate.