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Vitality partners with UNICEF to vaccinate one million children

Friday 28 February 2020: Vitality and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) today announced a partnership that will positively impact the lives of a million children around the world. 

As part of their global commitment to get 100 million people 20% more active by 2025, Vitality is encouraging people across the world to get active, do a 3k run and achieve their weekly running goal to earn a vaccine donation. By linking it to the Vitality Running World Cup, where anyone of any ability can run for their country, they hope it will encourage more people to get active whilst ensuring  more children across the world gain protection from diseases such as tuberculosis, via the UNICEF immunisation programme.

The partnership is built on Vitality’s Shared-Value model where personal health brings about better outcomes for society as a whole – a model which can have more impact than a traditional donation based model.

Adrian Gore, Chief Executive of Discovery and Vitality commented: “This partnership is built on the very principles of shared value. When the world and our members get more active, value is created within our network of insurers, partners and companies and we are in turn using this value to help vaccinate children around the world – making our members and the world healthier. We are excited about our work with UNICEF.”

Vaccines play a central role in the goal to end preventable child deaths, and immunisation saves up to three million lives each year by protecting children against serious diseases. UNICEF provides vaccines to immunise almost half of the world’s children against preventable diseases, and with our partners support immunisation programmes in over 95 countries to keep children safe. 

Sarah Ward, UNICEF UK Deputy Executive Director Partnerships said: “UNICEF is committed to protecting more children against preventable diseases so that they can fulfil their potential. We welcome this opportunity to work with Vitality and the Running World Cup to help vaccinate more children around the world, with the aim of keeping them safe and healthy.”

The global ambassador for the running competition, and team captain for Jamaica, Usain Bolt added:  “I am excited by this new partnership as now there is even more of a reason to run for your country.  I fully support the mission to get the world more active and in turn help to hit the goal to vaccinate one million children.” 

The Vitality Running World Cup begins on the 5th of March 2020, and registrations are open. To find out more visit: