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Vitality releases its 2023 health claims for cancer

10 July 2024

Vitality releases its 2023 health claims for cancer

The latest data from Vitality has seen the provider reveal its 2023 health claims for cancer, highlighting the most common cancers its male and female members claimed for last year.  

The claims data shows that breast cancer is the most common type of cancer affecting women, making up 49% of claims across all ages. It was also the most common cancer for women over 30, followed by skin cancer (21%), and bowel cancer (6%). For women under the age of 29 however, the most common cancer was for skin, making up just over a quarter of claims (26%) followed by lymphoma (18%).  

The most common cancers affecting men on the other hand were prostate (28%) and skin (28%). Prostate cancer was particularly prevalent for men over 60, making up 75% of their cancer claims. However, for those under 30 the most common cancers were haematological (25%), skin (23%) and lymphoma (21%).  

In addition to its claims data, Vitality has announced positive results following the introduction of its cancer support programme back in 2022. This programme sees members undergoing chemotherapy benefit from specialist-dedicated case management and tailored lifestyle coaching, helping them to manage treatment side effects, nutrition and rehabilitation via an app. The data showed Vitality members enrolled on the programme between 2023 and 2024, saw a 30% higher activity level measured through step count, alongside a 32% reduction in reported levels of stress and anxiety and a 12% improvement in quality of life.   

Responding to the findings, Keith Klintworth, Managing Director of Vitality Health said “Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be absolutely devastating, but having the right kind of clinical treatment and care in place is invaluable but as too is taking a holistic view following diagnosis, to ensure the person has the right physical and mental health support in place for them.  

“We know that the benefits of physical activity for our mind and body are important, and we consistently see how strong the evidence is around the positive impact of engaging in healthy habits.  The data we have released today highlights how important leading an active and healthy life is for people with cancer.”   


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