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Vitality sees claims for Primary Care increase

7 June 2022
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Vitality sees claims for Primary Care increase 

7 June 2022 – New data released today by Vitality shows a significant increase in the use of primary care services by Vitality members, representing a fundamental shift in the kind of care people are looking for and accessing as part of their health insurance. 

The data highlights changes in how and when Vitality members are interacting with their health insurance in recent years, with over 40% of all health claims for Primary Care in 2021, compared to just 10% in 2015.    

The data also found a significant increase in the use of digital healthcare services, with over 100,000 digital consultations in 2021, consisting of Vitality GP, digital CBT and online physiotherapy appointments. 

The data also highlighted the growing popularity of Vitality’s online GP service, with a 70% increase in Vitality GP usage between 2019 and 2021. Members between the ages of 25 and 40 were found to have the highest usage of Vitality GP in 2021, but there were a high number of consultations across all age groups, including older members, indicating a growing familiarity with and openness to digital care. 

The data is part of Vitality’s first ever Health Claims Insights report, which will be published in full on 8 June at a special Business Update event.  

Dr Keith Klintworth, VitalityHealth Managing Director, said: “Years ago we set out to transform what people could access within their health insurance and introduce primary care services for our members. The data we have released today shows the difference introducing primary care services has made to our members and reaffirms to me how important it is to continue to push the boundaries of what PMI offers.  

“Furthermore, this data indicates how we, as a health insurer, are offering seamless care for our members, with the digital technology transforming our pathways and services, giving our members end-to-end health care as and when they need it.  

“This is just the beginning though – we will continue to push the boundaries of what health insurance provides and actively seek out the technology that can transform how people access and use our services.” 


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