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VitalityHealth launches new all-employee access to key preventative healthcare benefits

(2nd March 2020) VitalityHealth has launched Vitality at Work, a new offering for its small to medium sized business health clients that brings together a number of key health benefits in a cost-effective way. This, in turn, allows employers to extend preventative healthcare services and outcomes information to their entire workforce, not just those covered by PMI.

Vitality at Work was devised with the aim of supporting employers to address some of the leading causes of absence across the whole workforce and helping businesses to support employees to live healthier lifestyles. It will provide fast access to a private virtual GP, physiotherapy services, as well as a range of mental health support and treatment. It also gives access to a number of Lifestyle benefits and rewards through the Vitality Programme including discounted gym membership, running shoes and fitness devices, to encourage employees to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Employers will also be able to access information on their workforce’s health through Vitality Healthchecks and Vitality Age - a measure that uses aspects of a person’s wellness, such as exercise levels and nutrition to assess how healthy they are, making it relative to their actual age. 

Vitality’s annual Britain’s Healthiest Workplace consistently shows a strong correlation between the lifestyle choices that employees make, their physical and mental health, and how they perform at work. ‘In 2019 the study found that the top businesses in terms of employee health and wellbeing demonstrated productivity loss 40% lower than the least healthy.’  

The key benefits of the plan include:
Unlimited video consultations with a private GP
Unlimited physiotherapy
Mental health support in the form of access to talking therapies such as CBT or counselling, online resources and Vitality’s Healthy Mind programme. 
Access to aspects of the Vitality Programme, including discounted gym membership, running shoes and fitness trackers, as well as health checks and discounted screenings 
Rewards for living a healthy lifestyle, including discounts on flight and hotel bookings, and regular rewards for reaching activity-related targets. 

Clients who cover at least 10 of their employees with full PMI will be able to select ‘Vitality at Work’ for just £7.50 per person per month for their wider workforce. There are also incentives for businesses who encourage their employees to maintain healthy lifestyle habits and engage with the Vitality Programme, with the opportunity for them to earn up to 10% cashback of their annual premium on renewal.  

Stuart Scullion, Executive Chairman of The Association of Medical Insurance Intermediaries (AMII), commented: “Vitality at Work is a great example of how by combining some key healthcare benefits it is possible to create a product that has the potential to improve the overall health of a business’s employees, all at an affordable price point. 

 “Vitality at Work will be especially useful for AMII intermediary members, supporting them to better talk to their clients about productivity across their entire workforce, with the opportunity to introduce healthcare and lifestyle benefits to all employees.”

Greg Levine, Managing Director, Sales and Distribution, Vitality’ said: “Vitality at Work is a unique benefit that we are pleased to be able to offer to small and medium sized UK businesses. By innovatively combining mental health, physiotherapy access and online GP services, together with discounts that support a healthy lifestyle, at a competitive cost, more businesses will able to benefit from a happier, healthier workforce. 

“From our own experience and research we know that when employers engage staff in their health and wellbeing, they see significant increases in productivity. With sickness related absence and presenteeism costing British businesses and the economy billions of pounds in 2019, its vital businesses look at how they can support their staff live healthier lives and Vitality at Work has the potential to be instrumental in this.”