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Wednesday 20 September 2017

Two health and fitness giants join forces to improve employee wellbeing

VitalityHealth and Nuffield Health have today announced the launch of a joint venture to provide large employers with a health and engagement solution for their entire workforce. The offering will take a holistic approach to employee health, providing a range of tools to help employers understand their employees’ physical and mental wellbeing needs and motivations with the aim of improving productivity and boosting the business bottom line.

The new joint venture combines VitalityHealth’s expertise in the use of incentives and rewards to drive healthier behaviours with Nuffield Health’s extensive range of health expertise and knowledge. 

The solution is underpinned by research from Britain’s Healthiest Workplace*, one of the largest employee health and wellbeing surveys in the UK. The study, which was developed by VitalityHealth and delivered in partnership with the University of Cambridge, RAND Europe and Mercer, has demonstrated a clear link between employees’ lifestyle and clinical health, their mental wellbeing, and their levels of lost productivity - through both absenteeism and presenteeism - while at work. It has shown that the average UK employee loses the equivalent of 27.5 days of productive time each year, with a gulf in productivity between the healthiest and least healthy employees of over 30 days per year. The findings demonstrate that employee health is an issue which employers cannot afford to ignore.

Expert in workplace health and former government adviser, Professor Dame Carol Black will chair the newly established joint venture board. Commenting on her involvement, she said: “Enabling workers at all levels in an organisation to be healthy, both mentally and physically, and to have a sense of wellbeing, is essential to achieving employee engagement and increased productivity. I am delighted to chair this newly-established group, which has the potential to benefit the employee and their family, the employer, and the community.”

Neville Koopowitz, CEO at VitalityHealth, said: “We are delighted to be launching this new joint venture which will enable large employers to provide their employees with the support they need to make positive changes to their physical and mental health. We feel this responds to the market’s demand for a comprehensive, behavioural based, standalone wellness product, which benefits all employees and not just those who are traditionally insured.”

Steve Gray, CEO at Nuffield Health, added: “There is a clear link between poor health – both physical and emotional - and low productivity.  With our extensive experience in supporting employers and our extensive range of healthcare experts, Nuffield Health has the expertise that will help employees get the personalised interventions they need on their individual journeys to better health. This innovative venture will help benefit both employers and employees.”

James Murray, MD of the joint venture, added: “We will be using all of the evidence and expertise of both venture partners to deliver a whole workforce solution that will make employees healthier and happier and will improve workplace performance. This exciting venture will be leading the charge in changing employee health behaviours to improve productivity and ultimately promoting better health and wellbeing for the individuals.”


*The Britain's Healthiest Workplace research process took place between February and August 2017. It looked at a number of lifestyle, mental wellbeing, clinical risk and productivity factors amongst 31,950 employees, together with a broad view of leadership and cultural dimensions and organisational policies, practices and facilities that could directly impact on employee health, across 167 companies. Results based on UK workforce as reported by each company surveyed. Large organisations – 1000+ eligible employees, medium organisations – 250-999 eligible employees, small organisations - 20-249 eligible employees.