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Rakuten TV Reward

Terms and conditions

1. This Active Reward is available to any adult member with one of the following plans:

• Any personal health insurance plan with a minimum monthly premium of £35 or more
• Any business health insurance plan excluding Vitality Essentials and Vitality at Work
• Any corporate health insurance plan or healthcare trust with Vitality Plus
• Any life insurance plan with Vitality Plus.

2. You can earn one movie voucher per family a week, depending on your activity levels.

3. You will need to have completed your Health Review in Member Zone to be able to access this reward.

4. If you achieve 12 Vitality activity points in a week, you will earn one at-home movie voucher for one on-demand movie per family on the following Monday afternoon.

5. Your movie voucher will be valid for 7 days and the expiry date will be displayed on your voucher.

6. To redeem your voucher, you need to visit the Rakuten Vitality landing page and log into your Rakuten TV account on their website using your username and password.

7. Once you’ve redeemed your voucher, you’ll have 48 hours to watch an on-demand movie.

8. You can enjoy thousands of movies on us – including new releases. Only selected Home Premiere movies aren’t included.

9. Your Rakuten voucher can only be used by you. Transferring codes to other people is fraud.

10. You’ll need to sign up for the Rakuten TV reward on Member Zone, to be rewarded with a movie to enjoy each week. You cannot redeem this Vitality reward direct through Rakuten TV. However, you’ll need a Rakuten TV account to redeem your movie voucher. If you’ve already got a Rakuten TV account, you can use your existing login details. If you’re new to Rakuten TV, you’ll need to create a new account.

11. Rakuten will share details of vouchers you have redeemed with Vitality. This will not include information on which films you watch.