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How To Make A Booking

To get your discount on Expedia hotel bookings through Member Zone, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1 - Accept the terms and conditions and consent to data sharing 

Accept the reward terms and conditions. You also need to agree to Expedia and Vitality sharing your Vitality membership number and hotel booking details. This is so you receive the right reward discount.

Step 2 - Click the 'book now' link 

This takes you to the Expedia website to make your hotel booking.

Step 3 - Book a pre-paid hotel

Choose from Expedia’s range of pre-paid hotels and pay for it upfront after your discount has been applied. Pay-at-property bookings are not included with this reward.

Step 4 - Select your discount coupon

Click on ‘Use coupon, credit or promotion code’ at the checkout, in the payment section or below the total trip amount. This is on the best available rate after offers and Expedia Rewards discount before taxes and fees. If you navigate away from this page before you book, your discount coupon will disappear. Either make a note of it or start your booking again from this page.

Step 5 - Enter your Vitality membership number

You’re all booked! Enjoy your hotel break.