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Frequently asked questions for Rakuten TV

Rakuten TV reward help

This Reward is available to any adult member with one of the following plans:
  • Any personal health insurance plan
  • Any business health insurance plan excluding Vitality Essentials and Vitality at Work
  • Any corporate health insurance plan or healthcare trust with Vitality Plus
  • Any life insurance plan with Vitality Plus
The Rakuten TV reward is available to one member per plan.
No, VitalityCar only Plan Holders cannot earn one Rakuten TV rental movie vouchers.
Yes, eligible Northern Ireland members have access to this reward.
You can earn up to two on demand movie rental codes a week if you achieve 12 activity points. You'll receive your code(s) the following Thursday in the Vitality Member app.
Yes, one adult per family can earn one voucher per week if they earn 12 activity points. 
You can receive one voucher a week for the whole family to enjoy a film together. That’s four movies a month if the linked adult on your plan earns 12 activity points a week.
Only one adult on a plan can be registered for the Rakuten TV reward. The linked person will be able to get their voucher in the Vitality Member app each Thursday.
You’ll be able to see if you’re the member linked in Member Zone.
You can start earning Vitality activity points towards your voucher during the week you sign up, and if you earn enough Vitality activity points, you’ll get your voucher on the following Thursday.

You can enjoy hundreds of Rakuten TV movies on us. Only selected Home Premiere movies aren’t included. The voucher (worth up to £5.49) is for movie rentals only. Movie purchases and selected Home Premiere movies are not included in the offer.

You will receive your rental movie code and track your reward in the Vitality Member app. Download the app and follow the instructions on Member Zone. You'll then need to link your Rakuten TV email ID to Vitality. Your rental movie code will then be available within the app if you reach 12 activity points in a week. 

Once you have your voucher code:
  1. Visit the Rakuten TV Vitality landing page, and log into your Rakuten TV account that is linked to your Vitality account using your Rakuten TV username and password. Please don’t enter your code straight on a device or on your TV.
  2. Select the movie you want to watch by clicking on the thumbnail image of the item.
  3. On the movie information page, click on the ‘Redeem Voucher’ button
  4. Enter your voucher code making sure you don’t enter any spaces before or after the code
  5. Your movie is ready and will be available for 48 hours. Whether you want to watch it on your smart TV or other device, you’ll find it in the Rakuten TV ‘My Library’ section.

Tracking help

Members signed up for the Rakuten TV reward can only track their points through the Vitality Member app. Download the Vitality Member app to follow your points.
Only one person on your plan can be registered but you can change who earns the reward. The linked member will need to phone us on 0345 602 3523 to delink.


We calculate eligible members’ points again on a Wednesday, to see if enough points have been earned for the reward. If you have, you’ll be issued a movie voucher on the Wednesday and it will be valid for seven days.

To bring more consistency to how we give out Active Rewards, we’ve made a change to our Rakuten TV movie reward.

Only one person on a plan can be registered for the Rakuten TV benefit. Whoever is registered will need to earn the Vitality points and will receive the reward.

You can only redeem your voucher through the Vitality landing page. Please don’t enter your code on a device or on your TV:
  1. Click on the film you want to watch on the Rakuten  TV website
  2. Select ‘Redeem voucher’
  3. Enter your code and click ‘Confirm’
  4. The film will be added to your Rakuten TV ‘My Library’ for 48 hours
  5. You can then watch your film from any device by logging into your Rakuten TV account and going to ‘My Library’.
Please note, you must use the Rakuten TV email account ID that is registered with Vitality.
Please check the Vitality Member app where you can track your progress towards the reward. You can also redeem your movie rental code(s) in the app.