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Rakuten FAQs

Yes, eligible Northern Ireland members have access to this reward.
Yes, one adult per family can earn up 1 voucher per week if they earn 12 activity points.
You can receive one voucher a week for the whole family to enjoy a film together. That’s four movies a month if at least one adult on your plan earns 12 activity points a week. This is as well as your Cinema tickets.
If more than one adult on your plan has registered for Rakuten, your voucher code will be sent to the principal policyholder. If the principal policyholder hasn’t registered, the spouse on your plan will receive it. Otherwise, another adult on your plan that has registered will get the code.
You can start earning Vitality activity points towards your voucher during the week you sign up, and if you earn enough Vitality activity points, you’ll get your voucher on the following Monday afternoon.
We calculate eligible members’ points again on a Wednesday, to see if enough points have been earned for the reward. If you have, you’ll be issued a movie voucher on the Wednesday and it will be valid for seven days.
Yes, one adult per family can earn up 1 voucher per week if they earn 12 activity points.
If you achieve 12 Vitality activity points in a week, you’ll earn an at-home movie voucher for one on-demand movie on the following Monday afternoon.

You can enjoy hundreds of Rakuten movies on us – including new releases. Only selected Home Premiere movies aren’t included.

We’ll send one Rakuten TV at-home movie voucher per week, to the email address you have signed up with. Once you have your voucher code:
  1. Visit the Rakuten Vitality landing page, and log into your Rakuten TV account on their website using your Rakuten TV username and password. Please don’t enter your code straight on a device or on your TV.
  2. Select the movie you want to watch by clicking on the thumbnail image of the item.
  3. On the movie information page, click on the ‘Redeem Voucher’ button
  4. Enter your voucher code making sure you don’t enter any spaces before or after the code
  5. Your movie is ready and will be available for 48 hours. Whether you want to watch it on your smart TV or other device, you’ll find it in the Rakuten ‘My Library’ section.