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Build your points

Find out how to earn points and rewards as you get healthier

What's the point of points?

However you choose to move, a healthier you is just around the corner. 

When you love the activity you do, you’re more likely to keep it up. 
Walking the dog, running, gardening or doing the housework can all earn you activity points.

For inspiration, watch the video to see how other Vitality members earn their points. 

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How to build your points and status

You'll start your Vitality journey on Bronze status. As you earn more points, you can move up to Silver (800 points), Gold (1600 points) and Platinum (2400 points) status.

The higher your status, the better the discounts and rewards become.

Get started with our easy-to-use points calculator to see how to build your own plan to boost your points and Vitality status.

Find joy in everyday healthy habits

See how members like you are finding fun ways to earn their points and move their health forward.


"It's about not letting my body hold me back"

A Vitality member for 18 months, Rachel first went to her boxing club with her daughter and loved the community there. Now she competes with her husband for points.

julian's story

"It was about taking the first step"

Julian, a Vitality member for eight years, earns his points running. He was never very active but then he gave Couch to 5K a go. He's now run two marathons.

gemma's story

"I can be around longer for my kids"

Gemma's been a Vitality member for four years. She wanted an activity that she could fit around her kids. So she earns her points walking with her young daughters.

Gwendolyn's story

"Now I can see my life's changed for the better"

20 years a Vitality member, Gwendolyn earns her points gardening, which she took up at retirement. She calls it her 're-wirement'.

soniya's story

"I didn't think I could, but I can!"

Soniya's been a Vitality member for two years. She used to work out but not consistently, due to lack of motivation. Then she discovered strength training and her mindset changed.

How to get started

Follow these steps to start earning points and rewards 


Download the app

The Vitality UK app is on the iPhone App Store and Android Google Play. Link your fitness tracker to your Vitality app inside the 'Account' section.

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Understand your health

Make sure you've completed your Health Review questions so you can unlock access to your rewards and earn even more points.

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Get healthier to earn points

Earn points by looking after your health and getting active. Your everyday steps, workouts and gym sessions all count.


Enjoy your rewards

More points means bigger rewards. Discover all the discounts and rewards you’re eligible for with your Vitality plan.